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Your 2022 Buyers Guide to Auto Floor Mats

Auto floor mats are the best way to keep your car’s interior as pristine as the exterior. Even if your car comes with factory mats, it’s a good idea to keep those in pristine condition if you ever want to sell or trade in your vehicle. Plus, an upgrade to one of the best floor mats can improve both the style and function of your car’s interior.  

Material Options for Auto Floor Mats

There are three main options when it comes to buying floor mats:

  1. Rubber floor mats are the type most people are familiar with. Sometimes called “all-weather,” these heavy-duty mats form a waterproof barrier to protect your car’s floor. These mats are easy to clean and a great choice for anyone driving in muddy or wet conditions. 
  2. Hybrid floor mats have some of the best qualities of rubber floor mats, but with carpet or fabric elements to give a more high-end and less industrial look to your interior. 
  3. Carpet floor mats made of nylon are more resistant to damage than the carpet you have in your home. They’ll protect your car and give it a more stylish look instantly. 

Whichever you choose, make sure your floor mat is completely non-slip for safety. Look for through textured patterns on the back of the mat. 

Helpful Bonus Features on Floor Mats

Some floor mats can do even more than protect your car’s floor. Buy a mat with a heel pad, and this useful feature will keep the mat from wearing out where your heel presses the accelerator. 

On rubber floor mats, you can often find raised ridges along the edge called “fingers.” These are helpful as you can drag your muddy boots along them to avoid spreading that dirt inside your car. 

Protects Floor From Weather Damage

The main reason to invest in an auto floor mat is to shield the floor of your car from the elements. Snow can sink into the lining of your car’s floor and cause irreparable damage.  Factory mats can help, but most aren’t as watertight as a well-fitted floor mat. 

To give your car the best protection, consider trim-to-fit or custom floor mats. Trim-to-fit mats come oversized and can be cut with household scissors to better suit your interior. Many models also have floor mats made to fit the car’s interior exactly, providing a superior seal. 

Style Your Interior

Like a new coat of paint in a room, a new floor mat can transform the look and feel of your car’s interior. Bright red floor mats add exciting color, while faux-leather or quilted floor mats give a luxurious look. 

Floor Mats Make a Great Gift

For the person who seems to have everything, consider a car floor mat as a thoughtful and useful gift. Anyone who wants to keep their car looking like new will be pleased to receive an easy-to-clean auto floor mat. Consult a gift guide for even more ideas to spruce up someone’s car. 

Floor mats are great investments for yourself or someone you love. These easy solutions keep your car’s interior clean, safe and comfortable. 


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