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Zenagen For Covid-19 Hair Loss

When it comes to treating hair loss caused by Covid-19 many people are looking for natural (aka plant-based) options. It does not matter whether or not they have actually been diagnosed with the virus as hair loss, which includes hair shedding and hair thinning, is commonly associated with both illness and stress. Stress tends to be a big factor when it comes to losing one’s hair, making it so many people are currently suffering from stress-related hair loss these days.  

If you want to learn how to stop hair loss after Covid-19, Zenagen offers a plant-based hair care line that makes growing back hair a simple process.

Covid-19 Hair Loss

According to various news sources, somewhere between 25% and 65% of Covid-19 survivors are experiencing some degree of hair loss. This is not surprising as the leading cause of hair loss issues is due to stress. Stress causes the body to become very sensitive to inflammation, and inflammation tends to be one of the major causes of hair loss.  When someone experiences high amounts of stress, it can even lead to their being diagnosed with telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is a hair loss condition that makes it so the hair cycle becomes prematurely forced into a resting stage, in effect preventing growth. Hair growth is not only prevented, hair shedding is also increased. The fact that such a large percentage of the population has been experiencing hair loss in the past couple of years makes it so they are looking for hair loss solutions that are right for them. 

Ready to learn how to stop hair loss after Covid-19?

Zenagen – Natural Plant-Based Products

Zenagen hair products use plant-based ingredients to create quality hair care products, which are scientifically proven to support natural hair growth. Zenagen differs from other hair loss solutions because the plant-forward brand focuses on using only natural ingredients, making it so they have created one of the most advanced and safest technologies for hair loss treatment available today.

Within two to six weeks, users can expect to see a major reduction in shedding and overall hair loss. Within three months, density and coverage issues start to repair problem areas. Zenagen users will experience peak results somewhere between nine and 24 months, which is dependent on the severity of their particular hair loss issue.

If you have any hair loss questions, Zenagen has a support team available that goes above and beyond. They will answer any questions anyone has about their current hair loss situation, making it so those who choose Zenagen hair loss products have access to trained experts. Online ordering makes it so those suffering from hair loss can easily get access to the hair loss products they need, allowing them to start targeting their hair loss privately in their own homes. 

Revolve Shampoo For Women

This hair loss shampoo treatment option for women uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that specifically target and clean hair follicles of DHT, a hormone that causes many different forms of hair loss. It also contains powerful amino acids in order to nourish new hair growth. This hair loss shampoo is ideal for increasing hair density, hair texture, and hair shine, so users can expect their hair to be in the healthiest condition possible. Recommended use is two to three times per week.

Revolve Shampoo For Men

This hair loss shampoo treatment option for men offers one of the healthiest ways for men to target their specific hair loss issues. When men use this hair loss shampoo, they can expect their hair to grow back thicker and fuller. Special ingredients are included that specifically remove any DHT from the hair follicles, which is important as DHT is one of the more common reasons men experience any level of hair loss. Recommended use is two to three times per week.

Revolve Conditioner

This unisex hair loss conditioner not only makes hair more manageable, fuller, and shinier, it helps target hair loss by thoroughly conditioning the scalp. Conditioning the scalp using this lightweight formula supports a reduction in both inflammation and irritation. In turn, this supports a healthier environment so that hair can grow back thicker and fuller. Recommended use is two to three times per week.

Thickening Hair Serum

Thickening Hair Serum
Thickening Hair Serum

This thickening, anti-aging hair serum specifically addresses scalp inflammation. As Zenagen focuses on utilizing the natural healing power of plants, this hair serum offers an easy way to soothe any scalp inflammation. All one needs to do is apply the serum directly to the scalp once a day, making sure to carefully massage it into the scalp in order to address all areas of the head.

Hair Loss Solutions

People who are experiencing Covid-19 hair loss are looking for the best hair loss solutions to help them stop hair shedding. Zenagen offers natural hair loss solutions, which means users do not have to make doctor appointments or pay for expensive monthly hair loss treatments, If you are currently experiencing hair loss and want to learn how to stop hair loss after Covid-19, Zenagen hair loss products offer a natural way for you to regrow your hair from the comfort of your own home.


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