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10 Must-Do Tips for Employers Looking to Recruit Top Talent

When you’re looking to be the top company within your niche, one thing is bound to separate you from the competition more than anything else: the quality of your employees. Finding employees who can elevate your company, and who can keep it modern-minded, is key to succeeding in the hyper-competitive business climate of today. To help you do just that, here are ten must-do tips for employers looking to recruit top talent: 

1. Consider Internal Recruits First 

Sometimes the most qualified talent is already in your employee pipeline. Not only will they already be aware of your company’s culture and operations, but they will feel more valued if you promote them from within your company. Consider posting job opportunities to a company email or newsletter, and letting it sit for a week, before reaching out to candidates outside of the company. 

2. Invest in Recruitment Technologies 

Recruitment technologies are used more commonly than ever, and some major leaps are happening in that industry. Almost all fantastic talent acquisition happens online, and if you are not aware of how to properly post and share your advertisements, you’ll have trouble beating your competition to that perfect hire. 

3. Diversity is Key

Diversity is a key quality of any workplace. Recruitment strategies must also be diversified if you want to reach as large of a qualified candidate set as possible. Online, in-company, in-person and other less traditional strategies can all be combined to ensure you cast a massively wide recruitment net. 

4. Have a Specific Rubric 

While diversifying your recruitment strategy is crucial, having a rubric for any recruitment activities is a must. If you do not specify the musts and the must nots, your outreach is going to lack the cohesion it needs to appear professional and attractive to the type of qualified, quality candidates you’re looking for. When it comes to important prerequisites like performing background checks on potential candidates, this step becomes especially important. 

5. Revise Your Job Listings

Letting your job listing stay the same year after year is a surefire recipe for making your job feel unattractive to quality candidates. Keeping your recruitment strategy fresh requires you to constantly update the language, content, and appeal of your job postings. Alongside each of the other tips on this list, these rewrites will ensure you communicate your company’s forward-thinking effectively. 

6. Advertise the Actual Pay

One of the biggest mistakes recruiters make in today’s work climate is failing to disclose the job salary or hourly pay upfront. Not only will failing to do so lead to fewer applicants, but it greatly increases your chances to attract a candidate who is simply not willing to work for the amount you’re offering them. Avoiding wasting the time of both the company and the candidates you’re searching for, is crucial. 

7. Keep the Application Process Simple 

While ensuring your application process is always rigorous enough to filter out unqualified candidates, over-complicating your process is a terrible move that must be avoided. Keep the steps clear, accessible, and reasonable. If you require too much time and effort to apply, you’ll miss out on candidates who are looking around a marketplace where jobs are popping up seemingly everywhere. 

8. Team Recruiting Can Speed Up the Process 

Leaving the recruitment process to a single person is always a bad idea. Have a small team, and use potential outside recruitment advisers, to ensure you can keep the recruitment process effective. Recruiting your candidates as a team ensures the candidate you go with will be the right decision. If you want to save time and trouble then hiring one of the best PEO services to handle the recruitment process for you will be a good choice since they are experts in choosing the right people to hire for your job.

9. Pay More than Your Competitors 

Although it seems simple enough, offering even a slightly more competitive pay than your direct business competitors is a surefire way to attract more qualified candidates. Candidates appreciate knowing that you’re willing to invest in them, and making this fact clear in your recruitment advertisements is critical. 

10. Remote Work is In

Not all companies need every employee to be in-office to be effective. Many employees are finding themselves both happier and more productive when they are allowed to work remotely (even if only part-time). More candidates are prioritizing remote work than ever before, so if you want to tap into this valuable candidate base, you should seriously consider adding remote work as a possibility in your recruitment strategies. 

The Perfect Employee Awaits You

With these ten strategy tips, you’ll be sure to attract tons of qualified, quality candidates to the position you’re looking to fill. Companies simply can not afford to hire anyone but the best in today’s competitive business landscape, after all. Thankfully, these ten tips will put you on the right path, and help revamp your recruitment strategies in interesting, and successful ways.


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