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The Importance Of Background Verification Process

Background verification is a critical process in the recruitment and on-boarding of any employee. It is important to verify the identity of candidates, check for criminal records and evaluate their work profile. This information will be used by your company to prepare for the induction of the candidate, wherein his or her privacy is preserved and the employee is welcomed into the new working environment.

Automation is the need of the hour when it comes to background verification. Welcome to check, where we leverage APIs, machine learning and expert algorithms to instantly let you know if the applicant has any criminal records – thereby making your time spent on recruitment drive more meaningful. Throughout the background verification process, it is critical to further build brand awareness and a work culture so as to ensure employee engagement. When you are able to do that, you ensure hassle free on-boarding of employees.

Criminals need not apply. Background verification helps organizations identify the best talent for their businesses. A simple, fast and highly accurate screening solution, it is backed by a team of experienced advisors and information from government departments and databases in over 175 countries. This eliminates risk granularities associated with resumes at the recruitment stage and reduces legal liabilities in case of employee misconduct.

Background verification process is usually carried out for all employees joining the company. At the time of recruitment, companies ask candidates to submit documents, photographs as identity proof and so on. The process takes place without any automation and requires time to complete.

While the issues of fake certificates and degrees should be tackled under provision of law and the incentive of providing fudged credentials are beyond the control of regular employers, the onus now lies on the employers to be diligent against such realities and conduct thorough education verification before hiring people. As a part of the Employee background verification process, education check for the authenticity of the provided credentials by checking from the genuine sources.

Education is on a different plane when compared to the rest of the things. It is a very sensitive thing and can leave extreme ramifications if not verified at the time of recruitment. We do education verification by going through different databases of official bodies and also by calling up random schools in the candidate’s native place to confirm through their records.

Education is something that needs to be earned and not merely purchased. The marksheets you provide as an important document for proof of your educational qualifications need to be in excellent condition and include authentic details.

The effort that has been put in to create a fake degree is something that must be seen on its own merit. Such painstaking effort can’t be overlooked, even if it were done for the wrong reasons. I am showcasing how to make a fake certificate but only for educational purposes and not in any sort of promoting making or using them.


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