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4 Ways to Plan Sustainable Engagement Moments

We often hear about sustainability. The running theme for most discussions is to leave a world that generations to come can enjoy. And it is interesting to see that sustainability seems to be catching on. The modern consumer is more eco-friendly. Indeed they are more demanding that companies follow the same trend.

Consumer reports show that there is a higher priority on sustainability. 37% of customers say they look for products that have environmentally friendly packaging. 41% would rather avoid plastic when they can. 35% of customers would rather choose sustainable products to protect the environment.

Interestingly, the focus on sustainability became more significant after the Outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020. There was a 10 to 20-point increase in the figures above for similar questions. 81% of respondents expect greater environmental concern in communication and advertising strategies. 69% are minimizing their carbon footprint as much as they can.

With that last point in mind, you can do the same when planning your engagement. Let’s check out some sustainable things you can do.

1. Opt For Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Many brides-to-be would love to have a diamond bridal set. But, the sustainable conscious may be concerned about diamond mining practices.

A cursory internet search will show you so many unsavory stories. Poor working conditions, blood diamonds, and environmental destruction dog the diamond mining industry. This has put a major blight on these beautiful, rare, and high-value stones.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

But thanks to technology, you have the option of lab created diamond engagement rings. The production of the diamonds occurs in a lab setting. The process mimics what happens in the natural formation of diamonds. These include carbon compression at high pressure to generate the stones.

The concern for many people would be around the authenticity of the stones. Well, you need not worry about that. There is no difference between lab grown and mined diamonds in terms of quality. You get the same clarity cut color and carat as the earth-formed diamonds. The grading and certification for lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds are the same.

And we have saved the best part for last. The sustainably-produced diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. The latter tend to be more expensive because they are rare. The stones also pass through a complex supply chain before the designer mounts the stone on the diamond engagement ring.

Lab production of the diamonds allows for more diamonds in the market. This removes the hefty price tag that comes with rarity or exclusivity.

2.  Engagement Party Consumables

What is an engagement party without good food and drinks? Well, you may want to consider sustainability when picking your menu.

Engagement Party Consumables

One of the first things is to avoid wastage. Sometimes you order too much and a lot of food remains after the event. All this will end up in a dumpster, which is not sustainable. You must also consider how much resources go into preparing the meals. So, avoid fancy, multi-course servings and go for something simple.

Before dumping any leftovers, consider donating them to homeless shelters or local food banks. All you need to do is find out those within the area and whether they will accept such offerings.

Speak to the caterer to ensure proper handling, minimal wastage, and packaging. That way, whatever you donate will be palatable.

Supporting local businesses is also a great idea. Source for the menu items from the local farms. Some caterers specialize in organic meals and partner with local farmers for fresh produce.

Another sustainable thing you can do is to use cardboard straws and plates instead of plastic. Plastic is a major contributor to environmental pollution. Our bodies can absorb some of the chemicals in them. It can have a serious impact on health, including altering hormones.

You may think that your engagement party’s plastic plates, cups, and cutlery is no big deal. But, every little bit that goes into the environment adds to the bigger issue.

3. Sustainable Invitations

It is nice to send paper invitation cards for the engagement party. But, the paper you are using was once a tree that had a critical role in the ecosystem. Thanks to technology, there are so many other options.

The tons of editing tools can allow you to come up with some fantastic e-invitation cards. Alternatively, take advantage of social media to send out the invites.

3.Sustainable Invitations

Set up a Whatsapp group if you want to keep things hush. Remember to tell the members not to let the cat out of the bag.

Now, you may want a more formal invitation to the wedding. Some card designers use recycled or other sustainable materials. You can’t miss some pretty fantastic options with a quick online search.

4. Eco-Friendly Venue Ideas

Don’t forget to make your engagement venue eco-friendly. Consider having an outdoor event to take advantage of the natural decor. There are tons of venues that have such facilities. Wineries, botanical gardens, and greenhouses are fantastic for such events.

Instead of huge floral arrangements for indoor events, go for potted plants. Work with plant sellers to rent some for the event. That way, afterward, the plants go back to the shop.


Even if you have floral arrangements, don’t throw them out later. Give them to friends or even staff members to take home.

Another great alternative worth considering is dried flowers. They’re cheaper than fresh ones. And depending on what you pick, the guests will never tell the difference from the real thing.

As we stated in the case of food, do your best to support local businesses. There is no point in buying flowers from far-off places when you can get the same locally.

Final Thoughts

Planning engagements can be fun but quite challenging. It gets even more difficult if you want to do your part to minimize your carbon footprint. We have shared some practical, sustainable engagement moments above.

A popular trend that is catching on is lab-grown diamond engagement rings. The manufactured Diamonds do not negatively impact the environment like the mined diamonds. Furthermore, they come at a lower price without compromising the quality.

For the engagement party, support local industries as much as possible. This applies to the food, drinks, and decor. Remember everything you do to protect the environment matters, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you.

A concerted effort by everyone will be the only way future generations can enjoy the earth as much as we have.


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