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Secret of mana 1

A very high quality RPG for a 16 bit system for many people around the world the best Snes RPG game ever made.

The backstory of the main Characters

Boy he connected to mana a lot since when he gets the mana sword which is meant to save the world in time of trouble that opens him  as like the main hero of the story he as good amount of attack or defense or health so no real disadvantages  from a physical viewpoint

Spirit girl she is very connected to mana for her being alive she is also the weakest defense or attack or health wise but she makes up for this with her Attack Mana spells overall.Game24hours

Lady is sort of like rebel themed noblewoman whose main goal is to try and save the guy she loves which does not workout well but it’s a good part of the  storyline either way she has pretty good physical stats overall and she provides you with the support magic such as you being able to heal is good idea or her being able to bring others back to life or tell you what magic you to perform on mana stones in order to get further in some parts of the game overall.

Is this way good for like modern games compared to like Xbox one or Nintendo Switch or Playstation 5 yes the storyline a long makes it a powerful game to me.

The fighting features of the game star a beatup with RPG elements which in this style to me goes very well overall.

The dragon which you can fly out is very smart and interesting to have played wise overall and for just a 16 bit system for me in a long way gives like a homerun effect for the idea of you being able to fly around the earth you can before you get the dragon called Flammie if you want use the canon which you can pay to allow you to fly around such as go the water palace as like the first place it sends you in the game if you want to use it early on .

The game has lot of different areas displayed wise such as like snow areas and deserts or forests or fantasy style among other options that a lot can even make very picky gamers find something they like to see from it overall.

When you start without magic it can be a little bit hard but the first boss you can’t lose against if you get to like level 3 to 5 you should be able to win without using health item from you or the knight who you have with you sometimes.

The next boss you take on is not that hard but you want up to like level 9 to be on the safe side overall.

You get in total 8 magic forms such as water,fire or gnome in the game my favorite is the gnome magic but like all things some magic does not work or well for example using fire magic on a fire enemy will boost his health or do no damage to him so instead use water magic on these sort of characters overall.

You will find the game go from quite easy to very hard often so try and work on boosting your stats as much as possible such as getting your sword and whip and bow and arrow upgraded these are the three weapons I use most of the time for how I play they work  best for me as a whole.

The axe you get from the dwarf allows you to smash or break through some things such as like trees or rocks places you will find in the game some of the time so if you can’t get past use the axe can solve that problem overall.

Once you get the magic winning boss most of the times is pretty easy but make sure  you get the levels up as high as possible when you can to make the bosses more easy to win against.

Try and make sure before each boss fight have like four cup of life or candy or chocolate or honey or other items you need during the boss fight you only get what you bring into the battle so be aware of that to avoid losing boss fights when they are sometimes much tougher than your three players when possible.

Seeing the Cannan allow you to move from one part of a map to another for me looks so beautiful overall it looks in some ways sort of like a very good quality cartoon from the 1990s for how the graphic looks in most cases.

You will need to solve parts of the game before moving forward so if you get stuck and can’t go further go back to the other places you were before then complete the next stage when possible is a good idea to remember in this sort of storyline to me.


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