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5 Types Of Sunglasses Every Woman Should Have

With time, we have seen and understood that sunglasses are used not only because of their benefits but also because they are an item of fashion. Men as well as women both consider wearing sunglasses because of their benefits and as a sense of style as well.

When we hear the word Fashion, the first thought to ponder over our mind is competition. YES! Fashion is all about being unique and looking different from one other. Sensational dressing sense makes you win the game, but that isn’t what it’s all about.

Choosing sunglasses is more than just thinking about fashion. One should also consider the scientific measures about how those sunglasses can benefit them regarding UV radiation. Not all lenses are worth relying upon, so before spending your bucks on any random sunglasses, consider thinking twice.

To make things easy for you, we have decided to present you with a list that can ease your problem of buying sunglasses. Here are some of the best sunglasses that can help you maintain your health and looks simultaneously.

Types Of Sunglasses For Different Women

1-The Sporty Look Sunglasses

Are you someone who loves to climb mountains or do sports to make a living? These sunglasses would be a perfect pick with a sporty outfit.

Match these sunglasses with your sports jacket and trousers and stun the eyes away because that’s what it is for—blocking the UV radiation from far away, so it doesn’t have any dangerous impact on your eyes.

Sports sunglasses are for endurance. They aren’t like average party sunglasses that will lose their frame on the first fall. But things are quite the opposite. These glasses are not exactly too light weighted. Comparatively, these sunglasses are slightly heavy when you compare them with others.

2-Wayfarer Sunglasses

Exquisite design, excellent features, and whatnot: released first in 1952, these sunglasses have always slayed the hearts of viewers and sunglasses lovers.

These sunglasses are a great pick if you want to maintain your decent look and have some sunglasses that can protect you from those rays while you heat things.

They come in a lot of colors, and they are durable as well. These sunglasses are one of the best picks to add significant value to your collection.

3- Aviators

The Aviators are all about style. Walk with a swagger as your eyes talk to everyone through these lenses, and your words will have their place in everyone’s hearts.

To make you reach the pinnacle of fashion, the aviators are all about helping you look more unique and exquisite.

Put them on in summer when you go to a festival and see how the crowd remains astonished by your look. Light weighted and easy to carry. These glasses can fit into your handbag, and you won’t even feel the addition of weight. That is what makes them so unique.

The release of Aviators was in 1960, and honestly, to some people, this might look a little bit old and classy but believe us when we say that these sunglasses have no chance of running out of fashion anytime soon.

4-Cat’s Sunglasses

Dropping pure glamor as these sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the best choices for someone who likes shade with some extra style. Shaped and designed as a cat, it will make you look like one. Like all sunglasses, it also offers excellent protection against UV radiation, so it doesn’t negatively affect your eyes. That doesn’t mean you start staring at the sun or challenge it in an eye-to-eye battle.

They aren’t as durable as other glasses. Their frame is slightly a little sensitive when compared with sports glasses. However, these sunglasses can absorb little falls from short distances.

Don’t let these little cat eyes cheat you. Wear them on any occasion and see how you steal the show.

5-Butterfly Sunglasses

The butterfly glasses are made purely for those who want to look advanced with a classic touch. Don’t mistake dropping these glasses somewhere in the open because that could cost you more than you think.

These glasses are susceptible because of their design. They aren’t of everyday use but can be used on different and several occasions, not too frequently.

The lens does its work perfectly, allowing the user to see quickly and also protect her at the same time. However, if you are low on budget and are thinking of buying something budget-friendly, well, we would want to tell you that this isn’t the best pick for you.

Although these sunglasses fulfill every penny paid for, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can buy them for a low price.

These glasses aren’t very heavy weighted, and you can easily carry them throughout, but they require proper care and maintenance.


Different sunglasses cost differently because of their specifications, such as the best fishing sunglasses or sunglasses for driving. Some are expensive, whereas some are cheap. But always remember that remember the value of what you have.

Cheap products might provide early benefits, but they aren’t the best choice on a long-term scale. Sports glasses serve a purpose for those who like to spend their time doing adventures, whereas The Aviators are a pick for those who want to attend parties.


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