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Funny Anime For Middle School Kids

If you’re looking for funny anime, you’ve come to the right place. There are hundreds of shows to choose from. There are parodies of popular anime, and there are also anime starring high school kids. Here are some of the best series to watch: Ouran High School Host Club, KonoSuba, Nichijou, Gintama, and many more!


KonoSuba is a humorous anime that uses rapid-fire dialogue. While this style of delivery is not unique to KonoSuba, it is common in comedy anime. Many titles, including Do You Like Your Mom and Tatami Galaxy, make use of this style of delivery. The rapid-fire dialogue often includes multiple jokes delivered in quick succession.

Like KonoSuba, Log Horizon is episodic but also follows an overarching storyline. It is funny at times, but serious at other times, with the main character being trapped in a virtual online game. While the consequences of being stuck in Elder Tale are not life-threatening, the characters still face a lot of psychological burdens.

The comedy in KonoSuba is based largely on parodying other anime tropes. The characters are not perfect heroes, and the plot revolves around their antagonistic interactions with one another. For example, Aqua is not a moral hero, and Darkness is not the best party member. Despite these shortcomings, Konosuba is still funny and entertaining in its own right.


Nichijou is a funny anime series directed by Tatsuya Ishihara that is full of quirky characters and a strong sense of comedy. Its premise centers around a middle-schooler named Nishikata, who spends most of his day getting teased by his classmate Takagi. However, he isn’t aware that Takagi has a crush on him.

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As you’d expect, Nichijou is filled with random humor, which is complemented by the deadpan delivery of the main characters. Nitta’s reactions to everyday situations are often exaggerated, and her deadpan delivery complements her exaggerated reactions. In addition, the anime also features a wide range of hilarious side characters, including the mysterious Hinamatsuri, who is a mysterious girl from a parallel dimension.

Nichijou is one of the funniest anime available on Funimation. While it is short (one season), it’s one of the most entertaining comedies ever produced. Kusuo Saiki is an extremely powerful psychic, and she’d like to keep her psychic abilities a secret. Unfortunately, her newfound power leads her to attract some strange and eccentric people. The show features an excellent lead, a stacked supporting cast, and a surprisingly deep storyline.

Ouran High School Host Club

The manga series Ouran High School Host Club is a popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori. It is published in the LaLa magazine of Hakusensha. It follows the life of Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at Ouran Academy. The series focuses on the friendships that she makes through her host club.

Despite being a poor student, Haruhi finds herself in a position of power after she accidentally breaks a vase belonging to a mysterious campus group. She soon realizes how much money the wealthy members have and how much she lacks. During her time in the club, she also learns the difference between rich and poor people.

Based on the popular manga series of the same name, Ouran High School Host Club is a parody of traditional Japanese shojo manga. It features a cast of charming characters and fun scenarios.


If you’re looking for a funny anime that’s not too serious, Gintama is a good option. Despite the ambiguous moral compass of its protagonist, Gintama is funny and often finds itself in some very wacky situations. It has a variety of storylines and can be both hilarious and tear-jerking at the same time. The series has an interesting plot that includes the samurai sagas of Gintoki’s past.

The comedy in Gintama is centered around goofy characters getting into uncomfortable situations. It also features many pop culture references, though many non-Japanese viewers won’t be able to get the jokes. This comedy is infused with some of the best one-liners in anime, and it’s full of facial expressions and body language to make viewers laugh. The animation is also top-notch, making this one of the best comedies ever produced.

Gintama is a comedy manga series created by Hideaki Sorachi. It was originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump, and ran from 2003 until 2018. The series follows Gintoki Sakata, a former Joi patriot and broke freelancer. He lives with his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Hiroyuki Aoki. They live in a version of nineteenth-century Edo. The series is a parody of Japanese pop culture, and it’s full of colorful characters and outlandish events.

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