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5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Spa-Like This Year

The bathroom holds a sacred place amongst the rooms in the house and it should feel special. You rejuvenate in the bathroom and can start your day on a high. You can take the relaxation to the next level by making your bathroom feel and look like a spa. The transition takes your bathroom to a place where you can go and spend time and rest, rather than a room where you pass through. To get your bathroom looking more like a spa, you will have to make some changes, either big or small. With the right changes, you won’t have to spend too much money, to turn your bathroom into a mini-spa. Some of the best and most economical ways to get your bathroom spa-like include:

Natural decor

One of the reasons why spas are calming is the use of plants and other natural resources. You can achieve the same effect by placing potted plants in your bathroom. Based on the design concept you employ, you can get aesthetic value along with the natural decor of the plant. You will, however, need to choose your plant carefully, as not all plants are suited to the temperature of the bathroom. You will also need to consider how your plant will get adequate access to sunlight when placed in a bathroom. You may need to undergo a bathroom remodel to meet whatever design you choose to go with. Bath remodeling will allow you to fix issues like creating areas for natural light to come into the bathroom, and thus, supply your plant with adequate light. Alternatively you can install a few grow lights so that your plants will get the light they need.


One reason why you may not feel comfortable in your bathroom is the presence of clutter. The more things you have in the bathroom, the less space to relax you will have. Clutter can also cause the bathroom to have an unpleasant smell, resulting from a lack of air circulation. Spas, on the other hand, are usually empty, featuring only the necessary relaxation elements. By decluttering your bathroom, and creating space, you will find that your bathroom becomes more relaxing and will smell better too.  


The use of pleasurable scents is always a great way to relax and when applied in the bathroom, the same result is expected. By using scented flowers, or burning fragrances, you greatly improve the atmosphere in the bathroom making it more relaxing. Recent developments in aromatherapy have identified flowers and scents that have the most potent effect on the senses. By using the right scents and flowers, you not only create a favorable environment in the bathroom but also, one that is relaxing. By combining flowers with other substances, you can improve the spa-like atmosphere of the bathroom. You will however need to be mindful of the combination to avoid conflicting fragrances. Different oil scents have a positive claming effect and you can find them on the 420 CBD store online.

Install a new showerhead

It may not seem like much, but something as subtle as changing the showerhead in your bathroom can have a huge impact on your bathroom. Where your shower head is old and outdated, you will likely feel like a change. When changing your shower head, it is best to change to something that is recent and matches some of the impressive features you can expect to find in a spa. Thankfully, with recent advances, spa-like bathroom shower heads are readily available. Simply pick one that fits into the overall theme of your bathroom and you will get a spa feel in there. 

Add soft towels

One of the most impressive features of spas is the way the towels feel against your skin. Spa towels are usually soft and fluffy and don’t bruise your skin. Luckily, you don’t have to own a spa to buy soft towels. You can buy them for your bathroom and have the same spa-like feel without leaving your home. To improve the effectiveness of a soft towel, you can sprinkle fragrance oils on them and have a pleasant experience on both your skin and in your nose. 


Having a spa-like experience in your bathroom is a lot easier than you can imagine. While you may need to do some light construction to achieve it, most times, a few purchases and a little tidying up will be enough. 


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