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The Futuristic Home Might Be Closer Than You Think

“That’s so futuristic!” A term is thrown around each time we see something unreal or a technological marvel. When I think about future homes, I picture appliances communicating with each other. The house will have an artificial brain. It’s fully automated but provides a human-like connection. I envision showers turning on when I step into the shower cubicle. A smart home assistant is already setting up my schedule, the outfit of the day, and my breakfast. It seems unreal, but it’s already here with us. We’ve started seeing smart appliances in our homes, robots taking house management roles, and home appliances talking to each other. There is much more to futuristic homes. The guide will look at the elements that make a home futuristic. 

Energy efficiency

Technology advances, and we progress. We think of ways to improve our lives, homes, work, and the environment. 

Based on the current concern for the environment and the reduction of carbon footprints, future homes will feature zero-carbon emissions. It’s no longer unusual to see low-carbon power options in homes. Therefore, one element of a futuristic home is an energy-efficient home. 

Currently, homes are gradually inclining towards renewable energy sources. We expect to see more and more geo, solar, hydro, or wind-powered homes. We’ll likely see homes harvest and collectively store green energy for future use. Future homes will become renewable power plants. They’ll produce energy on-site. The homes will consume the energy, store some for future use, and sell the remaining energy to the grid. Net-zero homes are already here with us. Owners connect these homes to the grid. However, they mostly rely on renewable energy. The homes produce the energy on-site.   

Operating System

Futuristic homes will feature a central operating system. Currently, we have different systems operating and managing smart devices in our homes. There is a system that controls HVAC equipment, a security system that controls your home’s security, an operating system for your smart fridge, and a system for the lights. 

Future homes will have central operating systems that control and interconnect all the devices from one point. There won’t be a need for a separate security system or HVAC equipment system. Instead, the home operating system will hold these systems in tiny nodes that connect to one control point. 


Futuristic homes will think and make decisions because of AI-enabled devices. Artificial Intelligence is already creeping into our homes. 

Future homes will have more AI-enabled devices. This is a quest to become greener and more efficient. We’ll see a rise in AI-enabled thermostats, HVAC equipment, security devices, lighting, cookware, and plumbing installations. Futuristic homes will have an ‘artificial brain’ to optimize efficiency. The home will know when to let the HVAC equipment heat or cool the house. It will shut the window dressing once it’s dark or cold, turn on the lights, or prep the bedroom for a restful night.    

Flexible layout 

People’s needs keep changing and so do our home’s floor plans. Futuristic homes feature flexible floor plans to accommodate our changing needs. 

Though technology-powered, all the cables, hubs, and sounds will be invisible. They’ll camouflage into the walls, floors, windows, or roofs. The walls will talk, and floors will respond to touch. The walls and floors will have 3D patterns. 

The layout will shift from traditionally partitioned spaces to open and fluid spaces. The homes will be on the smaller side but fully connected.   

Exotic 3D Printed Homes 

A grand exotic building is so futuristic. But future homes will take it a notch higher by 3D printing the exotics homes. 3D printing has been around, but we are yet to see extensively functional 3D printed homes. These homes look like traditionally built homes. Instead of doing it manually, a machine prints the house. It’s still an emerging technology. But we might see huge, exotic, and habitable 3D-printed buildings very soon.  

Final words 

The common theme for futuristic homes will be technology, automation, interconnection, and artificial intelligence. The homes will be efficient and make life immensely easy. The roof will work hard to power our homes. Technology will seamlessly merge with the house. We’ll have all kinds of sensors keeping an eye on our body metrics and health. AI will find its way into the bathroom. Showers and faucets will be intelligent. It’s unreal, but it’s slowly taking form. 


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