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7 Most Trustworthy Employment Screening Services

Bringing on a new employee is like welcoming a new family member into your home. Conducting a thorough background check on the candidates is mandatory to ensure you are safeguarding your company and other employees.

Thanks to various professional service providers, employers of all sizes can conduct rigorous pre-employment checks with ease. Criminal background check, employment verification, social media activity, and drug screens are some of the services that most cover. We’ve assembled a list of the best employment screening services to support you in your search.

Consider the Following When Choosing Employment Screening Services

The finest job screening services include drug testing and standard and detailed background and criminal history checks. Many of these services allow you to personalize your search by including job history, credit score, drug test results, and online history in the search results. Even biometric and fingerprinting services may be available, but it is not necessary if you partner with a company offering digital onboarding solutions. 

Moreover, many providers can search through the county and state driving records, social security numbers, and county-level criminal histories to ensure the highest safety and compliance.

You should be wary of services that offer free or low-cost checks. According to our investigation, one highly-recommended website explicitly stated that its services should not be utilized to make employment or FCRA-compliant decisions.

We have compiled a list of seven employee screening services that you may consider conducting background checks on potential hires for your benefit.


AuthBridge is one of the most reliable employee screening services providers in India. It uses compliance and technology to build AI-driven products that aid companies in conducting effective employee screening, criminal background checks, etc. AuthBridge uses technologies like liveness detection, facial recognition, optional character recognition, and data extraction to verify identity documents submitted by employees. AuthBridge works in compliance with data security and uses a combination of proprietary and public databases to conduct searches. The automated services provided by AuthBrdige help companies build a strong and verified workforce by eliminating fraud and restoring trust.


Businesses, consumers, and peer-to-peer groups that rely on member trust may depend on GoodHire’s background and credit checks. The business services include SSN and a criminal background check. Customize a background check with choices for drug and foreign country screening. Up to ten prescription and illicit drugs can be tested, and the employee can utilize whatever local service they like. GoodHire provides testing solutions for web, mobile, and API. In addition to signing a consent form online, candidates can also begin the process.


Companies of all sizes can use Sterling’s pre-employment, verification, and monitoring services. In addition, the company conducts post-hire screenings for harmful behavior, such as DUI or assault convictions, among others. Real-time validation of I-9 data and increased process dependability cuts down employment verification time by 75%. The asynchronous processes allow you and your candidates to finish their documentation and edits simultaneously. Nearly 12,000 Sterling outlets are open across the country.


The self-service site BackgroundReport.com allows prospective workers to log in and upload background information. Reports will then be sent to you by the service. Basic and premium background checks are available through this option. Basic criminal and county record checks are included in credit and eviction history, but premium checks contain all of the above plus additional information. Get BackgroundReport.com to scan relevant papers and rolls for you every month for an additional fee. Small companies, renters, and property managers might benefit from the inclusion of housing and credit documentation and SSN verification.


For small and medium-sized organisations, this background check company provides automatic access to candidate background information. Instead of signing up for a long-term monthly or yearly membership, customers can choose from a wide range of primary, standard, and premium accounts. In addition to SSN and national sex offender records, the primary account level gives you access to current county criminal data. Criminal and worldwide watch are included in the baseline plan, which monitors the Patriot Act and related databases for terrorism and fraud warnings every seven years.


The company has regained its reputation and established a dependable service despite its experience with Snowden and the failed USIS background screening operation. You can get one-time or enterprise-level background checks from them. They also have a mobile app in 22 languages. Improve check turnaround time by collecting real-time results. A comprehensive network of ATS connectors allows you to search results from the same interface where you manage potential recruits. HireRight has a global footprint and can access records in over 200 countries.

First Advantage

First Advantage’s employee intelligence analytics compare past data to what you offer, ensuring accuracy. Data encryption ensures compliance with global and local employment requirements. Access to data is available in 27 countries. First Advantage is dedicated to customer satisfaction and employee retention; thus, they provide free tool and service training. Besides general background services, there are solutions for fleet management, sharing economy, and staffing. The Ready2Work work from home readiness assessment is now available.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

FCRA-compliant background check services were sought out during our shortlisting, and those with transparent and budget-friendly pricing, comprehensive screening options bundled in standard packages or as add-ons, and an easy ordering process with simple-to-read reports. We also looked for companies that offered HR and applicant tracking software integrations.


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