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What Is The Processing Time To Get An Open Work Permit In Canada?

A work permit is a legal document allowing a foreigner to work in a particular country. Canada is an ideal destination for foreign nationals who are looking for employment opportunities and settle there permanently with family. If you manage to find a job offer from a Canadian employer and meet all the requirements, you can apply for an open work permit in Canada. However, the processing time depends on various factors and is decided by the Canadian Consulate in your home country. A work permit is a visa and permit given simultaneously. There are many types of work permits like a temporary resident visa Canada that allows a stay for a limited time. But most individuals prefer an open work permit. Let’s discuss how long it will take to get an open work permit in Canada.

Definition of Open Work Permit Canada 

Open Work Permit Canada, also known as International Mobility Program for Canada, is a work permit that is not restricted to a specific job. The other work permits issued allow the holders to work only for one employer, but an open work permit enables you to change your jobs as much as you want till the validity of the work permit expires. A temporary resident visa in Canada allows you to work for 6 months or less. During this duration, you can change employers as long as they are not involved in any activities prohibited by the Canadian government. Unlike other work permits, Open Work Permit Canada doesn’t require you to submit the below information.  

  • An LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) document an employer must possess 
  • A proof that your employer has given a job offer through the employer portal and paid the employer compliance fees. 

Requirements of Open Work Permit Canada

To be eligible for Open Work Permit Canada, you must be fulfilling several criteria and come under the following groups, 

  • A holder of a temporary resident permit 
  • An overseas student who graduated from a Canadian institute and is seeking postgraduate admission. 
  • A student unable to afford college studies 
  • An individual who has applied PR in Canada 
  • A family member who has applied for PR in Canada
  • Common-law partner of an overseas student, spouse, or a skilled worker
  • Protected person, refugee, a family member, or a refugee claimant 
  • A youth employee working in special programs  

Additional requirements include,

  • You must prove that you will leave immediately after the work permit expires. 
  • You must prove that you can finance the stay and also have enough money to go back to your own country after your work permit expires. 
  • You must have no criminal record. 
  • You must pose any threat to Canada’s national security 
  • You must be medically fit 
  • Follow the conditions of your open work permit 
  • You must prove that you will not work in the fields like escort services, erotic dance, striptease, erotic massage, etc.

How to submit an application for an Open Work Permit Canada?

The Open Work Permit Canada application process has several steps listed below. 

  • Get a job offer 

To qualify for a work permit application, you must have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Hence, you have to start early and apply for different companies in Canada based on your educational and work experience qualifications.  

  • Apply for Visa and work permit 

After you get a job offer from a Canadian company and meet all the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a visa and work permit through the Canadian Consulate in your home country. The steps include,

– Create an account or submit an application through the Canadian Government website. 

– The applicant forms include 

  • Schedule 1 – Application for a temporary resident visa in Canada
  • IMM 1295 – Application for permit made from outside of Canada
  • IMM 5645- Dependent or family information form 
  • IMM 5409 – Legal Declaration of Common-Law Union 
  • IMM 5475 – Authority to reveal personal information to a designated person 

– Submit support documents listed below 

  • The passport you hold must be valid for at least 6 months after the planned date of entry to Canada 
  • Photos as per requirements 
  • Job offer letter from Canadian Employer 
  • Current immigration status 
  • CV or resume 
  • Education and work experience certificates 
  • Marriage certificate copy 
  • Birth certificate of child 
  • Other documents as per the Consulate of Canada needs 

– Complete the medical examination

– Attend the visa interview

  • Wait for processing

After the Open Work Permit Canada application submission, medical examination, and visa interview, you must wait for a while to get approval. The processing time of Open Work Permit Canada varies from 3 weeks to 27 weeks based on your country of citizenship. Post this duration; you will get to know the final decision of the Canadian Consulate.

  • Travel to Canada

If the consulate approves your Open Work Permit Canada, you can make accommodation and travel arrangements in Canada. When you enter Canada, Port of Entry (PoE) officials will check your documents and ask a few questions. Answer them correctly, as PoE officers have the authority to stop you from entering Canada if they have any suspicion.

  • Bringing dependents to Canada with Open Work Permit Canada

You can bring your spouse and common-law partner with Open Work Permit Canada. The documents related to dependents must be submitted along with your application for evaluation as family. The spouse or common-law partner can also apply for an open work permit Canada spouse if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Open Work Permit Canada enables you to work for different employers without any hassles. The processing time varies from 3-27 weeks, but if your documents and other requirements fulfill the requirements, you will get the open work permit quite quickly, and you can realize your dream of working in Canada and settling down permanently in the future if all goes well.


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