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7 Reasons the Shoot-A-Way Shooting Machine Will Make You a Better Basketball Player

A basketball machine can be beneficial in your basketball practice routine, but many people don’t understand how to use it.

This article will help you learn about the benefits of using the Shoot-A-Way basketball machine and how to get the most out of your training time with this great tool.

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  1. Get used to shooting from different positions.

Similar to Dr Dish, this shooting machine will help you get used to shooting from different positions, forcing you to make shots from places you are uncomfortable with. 

It will also help improve your shooting percentage from those places. You can also work on specific shots, such as floaters or pull-ups. 

  1. Practice with resistance.

When you practice with a shooting machine, you can use it to simulate game situations, such as shooting with a defender in your face. This resistance helps you build up your muscles and improve your shooting form.

The machine helps to strengthen the arms and wrists; it tones the thighs, back, shoulders, neck, and abs. It also improves endurance by giving your heart more work as it pushes blood through the body for each shot.

  1. Improve your shot off the dribble.

Using this shooting machine, you can get more shots up, and because it can simulate game-like situations, it will help you learn how to shoot under pressure. In addition, you can use the machine to work on your off-the-dribble game. 

You will naturally improve your shooting percentage by taking more shots and learning to shoot under pressure. It also helps to develop muscle memory, as repetition is vital in developing muscle memory for your shot. 

  1. Raise your basketball IQ.

Training with the shooting machine forces you to make quick decisions, forcing you to learn to adjust your shot on the fly and helping you work on your weaknesses in a focused way. 

It makes you a more well-rounded player overall and raises your basketball IQ.

  1. Work on your midrange game.

With the Shoot-A-Way shooting machine, like the Dr Dish basketball shooting machine, you can work on your midrange game without chasing down errant shots. 

The machine’s adjustable angles allow you to practice shooting from anywhere on the court, and the quick release setting makes the machine perfect for honing your release speed and timing. 

You can adjust the force with which it releases the ball to practice shooting with different types of touch and strengthen your hands. 

  1. Consistency and Personalization  

One of the best things about shooting machines is that they provide consistency. If you want to work on your shooting form, release, or follow-through, a machine can give you the perfect reps every time.

This allows you to focus on each aspect of your shot and make the necessary adjustments until it becomes muscle memory. This type of repetition may not be workable when practicing at home because too many variables are involved.  

Another great thing about shooting machines is that they allow for customization. The machine will shoot the ball in whatever direction you choose; left side, right side, top of the key, the bottom of the key, whatever you need to work on. 

If you’re struggling with slumps during games or can’t seem to find your rhythm in practice due to fatigue or any other reason, a shooting machine will eliminate those problems because it’ll always feed the ball into your hands at an even pace and never tire out before you do. 

Get professional feedback on your shooting mechanics.

If you’re serious about becoming a better shooter, you need professional feedback on your shooting mechanics. However, there’s no substitute for having a coach or trainer help you analyze your form and make the necessary adjustments. 

The Shoot-A-Way basketball machine is the perfect tool for getting that professional feedback. It gives instant feedback on if your shot is going in and can also help you correct any flaws in your form.

One of the great things about it is that players of all levels, from beginners to professionals, can use it. And although it costs more than the Dr Dish shooting machine price, it provides excellent value for money. 


What makes the Shoot-A-Way basketball machine so unique? Many basketball training aids mimic the motion of shooting, but this one offers several special features that will take your game to the next level and make you better than ever before. This article explores why this innovative tool will make you a better basketball player.


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