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9 Popular Places to Exercise in LA

There are several ways that you can look at working out.  There’s the more flexible kinds such as barre or pilates, then there are the more weights/machines intensive, or the goal may be cardio.  There’s a way to move for everyone and that’s no different in Los Angeles.  

Here we’re going to cover ten different places with a wide array of different kinds of working out.  This isn’t going to be your typical, top ten.  This is a top ten variety of places with the top ratings.  Ready to go sweat?

1. Orange Theory

OrangeTheory isn’t isolated to LA.  This is a franchise that is all over the world.  They focus on creating a community of people who work together to reach their goals.  Rather than have workouts that are one-size fits all, Orangetheory is based upon your heart rate in order to increase that burn.

2. PlateFIIT

This is something that this writer had never heard of!  They have these platforms that vibrate while you move and workout.  They look akin to a segway with a large base.

On top of this base is a vibrational plate coated in rubber to cushion your knees and feet.  There are so many different workouts that they offer that focus on different parts of your body.  Several reviewers stated that they could really feel this workout even if they worked out regularly. read also about: Dental instruments

3. Rise Nation

If you are looking for that unique little workout where you barely break a sweat, then Rise is definitely not for you.  These gyms are all over the country and they specialize in high intensity interval training or HIIT. 

How they go about that training is the fun part!

Rise Nation works specifically with climbing machines.  These are meant to replicate what it is like to rock climb.  If this strikes your fancy, they take a look at them ASAP because classes fill quickly. 

4. The Megaformer Studio

In the same vein as Rise Nation, Megaformer Studio is also based around a single machine.  The studio holds classes on what they call the megaformer.  This machine is incredible!

If you have seen pilates machines, then you know what the megaformer looks like.  This type of workout relies on your body weight in the beginning, but you can amp up the intensity by adding resistance or bands.

5. Sanctuary Fitness

Sanctuary fitness is a place that you can call home.  Members are treated like family and they have everything that you need.  They provide water, body care supplies, showers, lockers, and more.  

They have multiple locations that all focus on HIIT workouts but they come from a completely different perspective as compared to the Megaformer studio.  Instead, they focus on using crossfit to build strength and cardio.

6. Pure Barre

No list is complete without mentioning Pure Barre.  These classes focus on very intense, but also low impact movements that are meant to help lengthen and strengthen the body without hurting it.

At this location, your first class is free, they have On Demand videos and an entire app where you can access free workouts.  If you live nearby, head on over and try your first class!

7. HWD Fitness

You can’t have a list that doesn’t have a gym on it.  This gym is mentioned a few times in different articles and the reviews are kind of low.  So you may wonder why it is on the list?  This gym focuses on developing the person through fellowship with one another. 

They provide both classes and a gym environment that you can use as a member.  They provide cycling, kickboxing and more! 

8. F45 Training

If you want to talk about high tech and being ready for the day, you must head to F45.  Their focus is on functional training.  That is where the workouts that you do are meant more for everyday life rather than bodybuilding, throwing weights, or staying on cardio.

They have screens that keep the workouts where you can see them; trainers move throughout the class to make sure everyone is in correct form; and everyone works together as a team.

You honestly won’t find a better small gym feel with big gym impact.

9. Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

If being inside a gym isn’t your thing, then maybe the outdoors will be better for you.  One of the most popular outdoor locations in LA is the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center.

Inside the center are three rentable rooms to hold any sort of event, and outside boasts two olympic sized pools.  One pool is for recreation and the other is only for those who are doing laps!  


Now that you have this information, it’s time to take a look at what LA has for you.  There are always plenty of classes going on all day all around LA: you can almost turn every corner and find some sort of gym or fitness group.

Don’t wait, go have some fun today!


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