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These A-listers were banned from Vegas casinos

The casinos on the Las Vegas strip present an atmosphere of relaxed fun. Yet the casino bosses have eyes everywhere, with thousands of surveillance cameras monitored by highly trained security personnel who can see every card dealt or chip wagered. Casinos have the right to eject anyone from their establishments for any reason. And as the following cases show, they are not afraid to exercise that right, however rich or famous you might be.  

Ben Affleck 

The multiple award winning actor and director is a keen poker player and has even played in WSOP events. But it was his skill at blackjack that sent him from A-list to blacklist at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas a few years ago. The fact that he was winning so consistently did not escape the notice of the pit bosses, who surmised that he was counting cards and politely but firmly asked him to leave.  

Harry Styles 

Back in 2012, British boy band One Direction was at the height of its fame. Lead singer Harry Styles was excited to visit Las Vegas during the band’s first US tour, but things didn’t go quite to plan. The 18 year old could legally drink and gamble in the UK, but was three years below the legal age in Nevada and Harry was declined entry at every door. These days, he would probably check a resource like https://www.gambleonline.co/usa/legal-age/ to avoid such embarrassment, but smartphones were not quite so smart 10 years ago. 

Paris Hilton 

The socialite has spent most of her life courting controversy of one kind or another. But she outdid herself in 2006 when she was ejected from what was effectively her own casino, at the Las Vegas Hilton, by order of her grandfather, Conrad Hilton. It happened after he saw her blowing thousands at the poker table. Paris has also been barred from two Wynns casinos after being seen in possession of Class-A narcotics.   

Vince Neil 

When former Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil felt staff at the Las Vegas Palms casino had given him poor service, he made plenty of noise about it on social media. He Tweeted that the management were dishonest and told his followers he would never set foot in there again. The Palms got the last laugh, however, banning him from all their establishments as a result of his “insulting and inappropriate” behavior.   

Dana White 

The UFC impresario is worth an estimated half a billion dollars, so you would think it would take a brave casino to decline his business. However, the Palms did just that, cutting his credit line to reduce his bets after he just kept winning and winning at the blackjack table. Before they could give him the full Ben Affleck treatment, White voted with his feet, choosing a different casino for his leisure time. He also cancelled forthcoming UFC fight nights at the resort and moved them elsewhere, which surely cost the Palms a great deal more than White was winning at cards.  



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