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Benefits of aligners tray & Aligners price in Pakistan

What is an Aligners tray?

Aligners splint is a plastic medical device, adapted to the shape of your teeth, to meet different expectations such as:

  • Invisible Aligners orthodontic treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • The treatment of bruxism
  • Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Dental fluoridation

These aligners must always be made by a dental surgeon in collaboration with a dental technician in order to guarantee their good fit and the quality of the materials used.

What are aligners used for?

Although the main concepts are similar, not all aligners are the same. Your dentist can offer you different types of appliances depending on your needs and expectations.

When to wear an aligner’s tray?

The duration of wearing your aligners depends on the type of treatment performed:

  • For invisible aligners treatments such as Invisalign: the aligners must be worn 22 hours a day, therefore only removed at mealtimes and while brushing your teeth
  • For dental whitening: the wearing time depends on the product used, which can range from a few hours to overnight, for about two weeks
  • For bruxism aligners: the aligner is worn daily, all night long
  • For fluoridation trays: depending on the product used, from a few hours to overnight
  • For mandibular advancement splints: are worn every night

Always follow the advice given by your practitioner.

How to put a dental tray?

For aligners that do not require the application of the product, simply apply the aligner suited to your dentition, ensuring that it is properly maintained. Keep for as long as recommended by your dentist.

For whitening or fluoridation trays, apply a small amount of product to the inside of the tray, apply it to your jawbone and wear it for the treatment time recommended by your practitioner.

How to clean aligners tray?

The use of lukewarm water and brushing with your usual toothbrush are recommended. You can also apply a small amount of toothpaste. Proper drying and storage are very important to avoid bacterial proliferation. Never use soaps or household products that could damage the resin of the aligners.

How much is an aligner’s price in Pakistan and what is its reimbursement?

The price of an aligner depends on the treatment carried out and can vary from a few hundred to several thousand rupees.

The invisible dental aligner or transparent dental appliance

The aligners’ price in Pakistan depends essentially on the duration of the treatment carried out and therefore on the complexity of the case. For small dental malpositions, it is necessary to count approximately 150000 to 200000 Rupees. For orthodontic treatments over several years and depending on the progression of the alignment, the use of invisible aligners can cost several thousand euros, as for a brace.

These treatments are not covered by health insurance for adults, so remember to check the reimbursement conditions of your complementary health insurance.

How long to keep dental aligners?

The Invisible Aligner should be worn approximately 22 hours a day, typically for two weeks. Depending on the progression of the desired movements, the treatment can vary from a few weeks to more than a year and a half. The regularity of the patient wearing the aligners is essential in order to limit the duration of the Invisalign treatment.

Why choose invisible aligners?

The invisible aligners are a solution adapted to dental malpositions in replacement of traditional braces. Much less constraining and visible, these aligners make it possible to treat increasingly complex cases but are not always the appropriate solution. Each case must therefore be studied by a qualified practitioner in order to offer the patient the appropriate treatment.

Do dental aligners hurt?

Treatments with dental aligners are very little, if any, painful. This pain always subsides with the taking of a level I analgesic such as Paracetamol and is more frequent in the days following the change of tray.

Lightening and fluoridation can cause slight dentin sensitivities due to the diffusion of the product towards the gum.

Other dental splints generally produce no pain.

How long does it take to make aligners?

After taking the impressions of the patient’s teeth, the dentist sends these models (digital or physical) to the dental technician who will be able to design suitable aligners. Count about two weeks between the two appointments with your practitioner.

How to make an aligners tray?

Never attempt to make a dental splint yourself. The materials used by your dentist have specific biomechanical properties that you will not be able to reproduce. An unsuitable dental tray risks damaging your teeth and gums and causing unwanted dental displacements.


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