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Best Space Movies For Kids

Space movies not only fascinate adults but they are also watched and appreciated by kids. Space is a mystery to kids, and the movies based on it bring different imaginations, visuals, and facts about space. It creates a different level of enthusiasm among the children. So, if you want your kids to watch amazing space movies, first get the list of what space movie came out in 1992. This way, you will get the best collections.

However, we have brought you the most popular space movies for kids. Have a look at it.

Fly Me To The Moon

One of the most popular space movies for kids. This movie is directed by Ben Stassen, and he indeed did a great job. This movie is purely dedicated to kids who are passionate about becoming an astronaut.

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In this movie, a boy named Nat and his crazy friends get the opportunity to land on the moon. They all become part of the Apollo 11 mission. The entire movie is filled with entertainment as well as educational elements.

Space Chimps

Another best space movie is Space Chimps. This movie brings a unique story for kids. As the kids love animals a lot. This movie includes animals and this exceptionally attracts a huge number of kids.

Animals going into space! Doesn’t it sound a little exciting? Yes, this element of Space Chimp makes it different from others and thus it gains lots of popularity. However, if you are looking for a movie similar to this, you can watch coraline 2.

Astro Kid

In this movie, the story is full of twists and turns. The main lead boy in the story gets separated from his family when their spacecraft gets destroyed. This movie is somewhat similar to the web series Lost In Space, which is mainly for adults. The story revolves around a robot and the boy, and of course, the robots excite kids.

Space Buddies

Have you ever seen a dog living happily and having a fun time in space? If not, Space buddies bring you the extraordinary storyline of a dog surviving peacefully in space. Disney presents a fun family film, where the dog suits up as an astronaut and gets launched into space. As kids, we too must have appreciated the direction and storyline of this movie.

Spark – A Space Tail

If your kids are adventure lovers and get happiness while watching some exciting activities, make them watch Spark. It is a movie that revolves around a monkey. The story of a 13 years old monkey that becomes a hero by saving the kingdom in space from the cruel tyranny of a space tyrant.

This brave monkey gives out a positive message about building a good world. This is why parents prefer this movie to make their kids watch.


The CGI featured a movie that proved to be the most interesting one for the kids. It rehearses the story of a robot who is left as the last robot on the earth.

The story moves further with romanticism, where the robot falls in love. Robot with its love leaves the earth in order to explore the space world and the entire galaxy. This holds the kids till the end of the movie and makes the movie much more exciting.

Earth To Echo

It is an American sci-fi movie, which moves around the four friends, who spot the robotic alien named Echo. The story further moves ahead with the savior theme and the adventure continues. This adventurous movie amuses kids, and thus they watch such movies again and again. check now

So, these were the movies that are most popular among the kids, and leave a meaningful message for kids too. Therefore, if you want your kids to build their imagination and innovation, let them watch these fantastic space movies.

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