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All you need to know about SPC flooring

At present, home decoration in minimalist style, classic style, where real wood flooring is used as the floor covering, is very popular because it gives a warm, natural feel to the house and is comfortable on the eyes and in addition to the use of wooden floors.

In fact, there are many types of materials used for flooring in the house to choose from according to the suitability of the residence. Today, admin would like to introduce materials that can be used to replace real wood flooring like SPC flooring / SPC 地板 for everyone to know.

What is SPC flooring made of?

SPC flooring stands for Stone Composite Floors. It looks like a stone tile with a Wear Layer giving the skin a touch similar to that of real wood, but not slippery.

It is a material that is produced to replace the use of real wood flooring. Mixed between crushed limestone and then mixed with plastic, many people call it SPC rubber tile flooring.

Why choose an SPC floor

The SPC floor is a defined floating floor widely used in both commercial and domestic use. It can be laid on any type of existing floor thanks to its click interlocking system without the use of adhesives or substrates during the procedure.

This allows the yield to be stable enough to prevent its expansion even at a high temperature (over 35 ° C).

Advantages of SPC flooring

  1. Strong, durable, good impact resistance
  2. Waterproof, moisture proof, can be used on every floor of the room even kitchen or bathroom dry zone with high humidity
  3. No problem with termites, insect bites to eat real wood floors because SPC flooring 石塑地板 is not made of real wood, so it can prevent insects well.
  4. Convenient to install, the installation of SPC flooring is a click-lock type that can be applied to the floor immediately and after installation, it can be used immediately without having to wait for glue to dry like a real wood floor.
  5. Maintaining cleanliness is easier than real wood floors.
  6. Style, possibility to choose the color you prefer and the motifs that suit you best. Many SPC floors are designed to look just like hardwood floors, tiles, and other types of flooring. Customizing your home down to the smallest detail with this floor is possible!
  7. Quick Replacement, The key benefit of these SPC floors is that they are flexible and resistant to damage. The individual pieces can be easily replaced without having to remove the entire floor
  8. Cost saving, SPC flooring is cheaper than real wood and other hardwood floors.

Which anyone with a limited budget may use SPC flooring instead of real wood flooring, but if anyone who likes the classic and has a budget can use real wood flooring, but the look and properties are not all the same. It depends on the preferences and usage of each home. You can choose according to your preferences.


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