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All You Need to Know AboutBusiness Suits

When it comes to elegance and sophistication, the suit stands out as the quintessential masculine garment, being a safe bet for those occasions in which we want to give the best impression and show off a formal style. This means that in the business world the suit has a leading role, positioning itself as the most appropriate clothing, allowing us to always be impeccable and elegant, and successfully adapting to any situation.

So if you are a lawyer, a bank worker, an executive or perform any other profession that requires a suit, take note because below we give you some important  tips to choose a professional suitand most importantly, get it right . Let’s start!


1- Navy blue and dark gray          

The color options are innumerable, but in your wardrobe you cannot miss a navy blue suit and a dark gray one. Why? Because they are the two most elegant and versatile suits, being able to combine them with everything and adapting to any situation with great success. And on the third step of the podium the black suit would enter.

2- Fabric

Once we are clear about which colors are the most important, another key point when choosing a business suit is the fabric, since a good fabric will help you to always wear the suit in perfect condition. Knitted wool or cashmere, flannel and tweed are three ideal fabrics for a suit.

3- The importance of the blazer

The jacket is the main element in the business suit, so you have to pay it the attention it deserves.

Depending on our tastes, we will have to choose between a slim fit jacket, more tailored, and a classic fit jacket, which is characterized by being the most classic jacket.

And here you have to stop at the buttons, which will directly influence the image you show. There are two main options to choose from:

In-line buttoning: they stylize the figure and refine the silhouette, leaving it more tailored.

Double breasted: they can have between four and eight buttons on both sides, giving a more classic and elegant image.

4- Hit the suit pants

After the jacket, the suit pants come into play, where we must look at the length and width of the hem.

The length of the pants will depend on the tastes of each one, being able to choose between the standard or academic length, which rubs against the footwear, and the ankle length, which is somewhat shorter and narrower, allowing the ankle to be seen slightly.

As for the width of the suit pants, it will depend on whether you are looking for a more modern or classic style.

Classic style:

Width with a diameter between 18 and 20 centimeters, which will be looser.

Modern style:

For a more modern and updated style, the width of the pants may not exceed 17 centimeters in diameter, in order to be more attached to the leg.

5- Attention to the tie

Although it does not belong to the suit itself, the tie is key to wearing a business suit, and the aesthetics you show will depend on it.As it is a business suit, we recommend you avoid ties with bright colors or with youthful designs, as they could ruin your style and lose all your elegance at a stroke.

With these tips for choosing a professional suit you will have it easy to get it right and to show off elegant looks in your day to day life. And if you still don’t have your suit, discover the extensive catalog that is available at xsuit.com.


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