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Amitabh Gupta, IPS Maharashtra: Profile, Wiki and Family

Amitabh Gupta is an IPS officer of the Maharashtra cadre. He is a smart and sincere officer. Unfortunately, he is also embroiled in some serious controversy. It was only recently discovered that he had let the scam-infested Wadhavan family leave Mumbai on passes he provided. He has now been cleared of all charges and the Maharashtra government has reappointed him to a crucial position by making him Commissioner of Pune.


Amitabh Gupta has also maintained strong ties with politicians and businessmen. He has friends across party lines, from Congress to Shiv Sena to the BJP. He has a deep connection with the best NCP leaders.

Amitabh had given permission to the Wadhavan family despite the fact that prominent members of the family are under investigation for fraud in Yes Bank Scam. Please note, notices have been issued against Kapil and Dhiraj. But Amitabh Gupta still went ahead and helped them.

Personal profile

Date of birth: June 18, 1969

Age: 51 years



Birthplace: UP

Believe: Hindu

Educational Qualification:

B. Technique. (Electrical Engineering) from IIT

Family and relationship:


Brothers or sisters:

Interesting and lesser known facts:

  • Amitabh Gupta belongs to 1992 batch of IPS.
  • Amitabh was the DCP of Bandra when he came into contact with the Wadhawan family who lived in the same area.
  • He was appointed as an official responsible for issuing passes to migrant workers who want to go home and have abused this position.
  • Amitabh Gupta’s work in Pune is highly controversial and there is no doubt that he is commissioned by the NCP leaders. His arrest in the Aryan Khan drug case is just ridiculous. It is quite painful to see how such a smart person can also become a yes man to low level politicians.


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