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Anirudha Singh, UP Police DSP: Profile, Wiki, Age and Family

Anirudha Singh is an Indian actor and a police officer of UP Police. His entry into the film industry was a fluke that has something to do with his great personality and powerful real-life performance as an officer. He also does justice with his job profile as deputy chief of police.


Anirudha Singh is known as the Super Cop of UP Police. He is also commonly referred to as the Singham of UP by the local media. These nomenclatures were attached to justify his real bravery.

Anirudha has participated in numerous encounters with feared mobsters. Under his leadership, many hardcore criminals have been shot or arrested.


Anirudha Singh’s heroism can be measured by the fact that he has received many promotions in return.

Only recently, when the country was fighting a Corona virus pandemic, was he promoted to Deputy SP. He had joined the UP Police Force in 2001 and has since been stationed mainly in the eastern UP. He was also with Crime Branch for a few months.

As for his acting career, he has worked in few movies including: Gangs of Banaras and dr. Chakrabarty.

Fight with SP Goons

Recently, Anirudha Singh was assaulted by some Samajwadi Party goons posing as politicians. To his credit, he kept his nerves intact, even when some guys dragged him by the collar. He is widely appreciated for staying calm and staying calm in the tense situation.

Personal profile

Date of birth:

Age: 42 years



Birthplace: Benares, UP

Believe: Hindu

Caste: Rajput

Educational Qualification:

To graduate

Family and relationship:


Brothers or sisters:

Interesting and lesser known facts:

  • The first meeting of Anirudha Singh was that of Jhunna Rai in Banaras. Jhunna was a Robinhood-type criminal who used to help the poor. He was a Bhumihar by caste.
  • The meeting of naxal Sanjay Kaul had given Anirudha Singh widespread popularity in 2007. He was awarded an out of turn promotion after killing Sanjay Kol.


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