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Anupama Written Update – The Song Lineup For The Next Two Episodes Revealed!

Fans of Anupama Written Update are in for a treat as the song lineup for the next two episodes has been revealed. Fans can look forward to hearing rock songs and flower songs from the show, which airs every Tuesday at 8 PM on Funstation and other live streaming stations. For more details, continue reading our Anupama Written Update article! We’ll be covering everything from Anupama’s argument with Kavya to her mehendi.

Anupama’s rift with Kavya

“Anupama’s rift with Kaviya” is a story that centers around the plight of a girl who was betrothed to a man. The episode began with Kavya’s return on Makar Sankranti. She questions the family and Vanraj about his love for her. Anupamaa tries to stop the bickering but Vanraj’s patience runs out. In the end, she gets tired of the bickering and throws a kite.

Anupama’s argument with Anuj

The next chapter of the Anupama saga will deal with Anupama’s argument with Anurj. It will also touch upon the latest misbehavior of Anupama towards Vanraj. In her written update, Anupama will share her reasons for not returning home. During the previous episode, Anupama was upset with her father for not accepting her request to stay with the family. The argument was a direct result of her behavior towards Vanraj.

Anupama’s mehendi

Amidst the festive ambiance of Anupama’s mehendis, Kavya makes a shocking demand before Vanraj. Everyone is baffled by her audacious move. However, she soon regains the trust of everyone by making a surprising demand of Vanraj. Suddenly, everything turns out to be different and a misunderstanding begins. Let’s find out what actually happened.

Anupama’s date with Anuj

The day of Anupama’s date with Anju begins with her daughter, Kanta, staying at Baa’s house last night. Baa argues with Anupama because it’s not her age and she can still go on a date. Anupama agrees but reassures Baa that she will finish the household chores first before going out. However, Baa is surprised to see the late arrival of Kanta, who claims that she had stayed at Anupama’s house overnight.

Anupama’s relationship with Vanraj

After the marriage, Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj starts having an extramarital affair with Kavya Gandhi, his colleague. Although disguised as her friend, Kavya is seen having an intimate relationship with Vanraj. She is seen replacing Kavya with Pakhi at a dance competition, and her boyfriend Paritosh replaces her when she is needed to meet the parents of Kinjal Dave. Meanwhile, Kavya’s cousin Samar meets Kavya’s USA-born niece Nandini Iyer, and Vanraj realizes that he is falling for Anupamaa. But, this is not all, as Anupamaa also finds out that Vanraj is cheating on her, and Vanraj ends up getting married to Kavya.

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