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What Is Electrical Pat Testing?

Modern technology has made things easier and swifter. The revolution brought to this world by electrical appliances is remarkable. One can never neglect the importance of different electrical appliances in life.

However, electrical appliances are associated with several risks. As well electricity is something that one tries hard not to mess with. You don’t know what is going to happen next in this unpredictable universe. A short circuit and things can end for you.

However, men have tried their best to avoid any mishaps when using electrical appliances. All the critical defects have been noticed carefully and fixed before using electrical instruments.

Some of the defects are visible such as bare wire, broken cords, or wrong connections. You can quickly fix them. However, sometimes the defects are internal and you don’t know what’s wrong with the application.

To check such hidden defaults, Commercial Pat Testing is performed. Wait a minute! Don’t you know what PAT testing is? Don’t worry! We are here with all the essential information that one must know about electrical PAT testing.

What is PAT?

PAT stands for portable appliance testing. It is simply a routine check of any electrical application to find whether it’s safe for use. The main goal of this testing is to prevent electrical accidents at the workplace, manufacturing units, and domestic levels.

Several things were considered in this test. Earth continuity, the polarity of lead or other electrolytic materials, redox reaction, insulations, resistance, etc. are some main things that are considered during a PAT test.

Usually, the result of a test is a label of passed or failed on the application. However, you cannot leave the application there. A complete report is prepared during the PAT test. Defects were recognized, and then experts put their efforts into fixing them.

Appliances Needed to be PAT Tested

Almost all types of electrical appliances should be PAT tested before releasing into the market. However, there are several categories that have been made for electrical appliances.

Theoretically, there are the following categories of electrical appliances that must be tested visually and then PAT for safety purposes.

Commercial Pat Testing
Commercial Pat Testing
  • Fixed appliances: These are placed permanently at one place.
  • Stationary Appliances: These are not fixed by heavy, so they usually remain stationary.
  • Information Technology Related Appliances
  • Moveable Appliances can be moved easily from one place to another. For example, washing machines.
  • Portable: That you can carry with yourself anywhere.
  • Cords and Chargers, etc.

PAT Testing Regulations

There are certain laws and regulations regarding PAT testing. You have to follow all of these to ensure you don’t violate any regulations. These regulations are designed on the basis of several laws.

Safe and protection at work law, work equipment regulations, and electricity at work regulations are the driving forces behind these regulations. According to these regulations, the appliances used by employees must be PAT tested and are safe to use.

All portable applications do not damage the environment, related persons, or nearby things. Moreover, its use must be productive. Portable appliances must reflect the benefits of using them.

Benefits of PAT Testing

The same is in the case of PAT testing.

  • The primary benefit of it is to provide you with safer appliances. You will fearlessly use your PAT tested appliances.
  • It enables you to make your appliances better. A complete report of every system of the application allows you to improve things in specific departments.
  • Fires and electrical appliances have a very close relation. A slight short circuit, and it will catch fire. Electrical Pat Testing Services ensures that there is no risk of catching fire by the machine.
  • It will keep your workplace and working environment safer. Employees will work positively as they know they are safer.
  • If your workplace is a rental, it will be easy for you to keep the owner satisfied by PAT testing your appliances.


Now you know the importance and benefits of PAT testing of electrical appliances. What next! PAT test all your appliances at the workplace. Cannot do so by yourself and hire the services of experts.


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