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Best PDF Tools That Everyone Should Use

Having tons of PDF files is not a problem, especially if you have the right software to access anytime. GogoPDF is the right and best software you can rely on in terms of that. With this excellent software, you can do so many things; you can merge, split, convert, add watermark, and a lot more on your PDFs. Besides that, GogoPDF is accessible online so that you can use their tools anytime, anywhere you are. Here are a few of its many features you can access for free:

Add Watermark

We are now in an era that advanced technology is the reason why almost everything works. Social media applications are now a thing, videos, photos, even important documents you can upload online. However, it is not always safe. If you upload something online and get viral, other unauthorized people might also upload it and won’t credit it to you. When that happens, taking ownership of it won’t be easy, not unless you set a watermark on it.

Watermarks are used best to secure contents and to prove that it belongs to you. Files like PDFs containing information that only you should have access to are somewhat susceptible to the unauthorized use of contents or theft. You should always put a watermark on your files, especially if you don’t want other people to take advantage of you.

If you worry that it’ll happen to you, always protect your PDF before it’s too late. Use a tool that will help you quickly place a watermark, and use GogoPDF’s add watermark feature. With this handy tool, you can add an image watermark or text watermark on your document and put it in a location where it will appear correctly. Follow these four easy and straightforward steps on how to add watermark to PDF:

  1. Choose the PDF file that you want to have a watermark on. You can also do the drag and drop method.
  2. Type in the text or upload an image that you want to make as your watermark. After that, click the Add Watermark key.
  3. Wait while the system finishes the watermarking process.
  4. The download button will appear after the process is complete. You can save it to your computer or email and share it on your social media.

Edit PDF

These days, almost all people use pdf to word free. PDF is the standard document format and is the most secure out of all formats. Every PDFs are password-encrypted to protect contents from unauthorized access. Even so, PDF also has a disadvantage. It indeed is instrumental, but PDFs are quite tough to work with, especially if you don’t have the correct tools. It can be terrible if you don’t have the right software for a task so easy as editing a PDF file.

That’s why GogoPDF made a handy PDF Editor. This tool will help you modify text and images in your PDFs without having to convert the file into another document format. For office employees or business owners, and even students, gogoPDF ensures you that their online PDF tool is handy. You can add comments or notes, and edit the documents and share them with your colleague.

You can be creative and edit your PDFs, add drawings, shapes, or random images to make your document more lively, all that can be done quickly with the editor tool of GogoPDF. It’ll also be hassle-free using it. Here’s how to make your PDF an editable file:

  1. Get the PDF from your computer, and upload it to the editing area.
  2. GogoPDF’s system will begin to process the file.
  3. You can now make any adjustments to your PDF. Remove or add graphics, text, etc.
  4. Download the freshly edited document to your device. And share it with your friends and colleague.

Repair PDF

We sometimes encounter PDF files that are not in good condition, it may have attacked by a virus, or random power outages affected the file. It is frustrating to be in that situation, especially if the files contain pieces of information or you need it for a report. But you can always get it back with the right tool, and that’s with the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF.

Using the Repair PDF tool will make your life quick and easy. It’s best if you don’t worry anymore about your corrupted file because the tool will fix it quickly and reliably. All the contents from your original file will not disappear, and it will make it into a new workable PDF file. Follow quick steps to repair your PDF file:

  1. Upload the PDF file you wish to repair to the server.
  2. GogoPDF’s system will begin to repair and recover the data from your file.
  3. Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
  4. Download the newly fixed PDF document and share it on your social media platforms.


You can easily handle your PDF files with the use of efficient tools. And that’s with the GogoPDFs handy features. Never worry again about any of your files with a problem because GogoPDF will save your day. Visit their site now and see for yourself.


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