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Can Adobe Illustrator run on laptop?

Anyone who works as graphic designer or illustrator requires a laptop with a high-performance performance that can be able to run the Adobe illustrator. When you visit the market to purchase a laptop , you’ll find numerous laptops that claim to provide the most efficient system to run the Adobe illustrator. However, there’s one thing that you should be aware of: not all laptops can guarantee the smooth operation for the software.

Most people experience issues such as bugs and lagging when working with Adobe Illustrator. There is a lot more to be done with your laptop as well. With all this in mind, you need to make the right choices when purchasing laptops. There are a few things you should be aware of when you’re looking for the perfect laptop. It should be within your budget and not be slow when you are using Adobe Illustrator. The following tips will not only let you do your job better but also make you successful in your work.


Many believe that the best laptop is that it is costly. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you’ll encounter laptops that have excellent performance, however they can also be expensive. Every time a laptop model is launched on the market it is priced higher than the earlier models drop, however this doesn’t mean they’re not great laptops for working on.


Hardware Requirements for best laptop for illustrator and photoshop

Whatever you do, there are certain instances in Adobe Illustrator you’ll be faced by major slowdowns, especially when using trace watercolor images.


It’s not only due to the hardware you use. Other factors influence the speed and efficiency with which Adobe Illustrator can run: The two primary factors are how you work with Illustrator and the options you choose to use.

Don’t let that deter you from meeting the highest hardware specifications and from understanding how the software makes use of every component to ensure you are getting the best and fastest workflow . It will also reduce the amount of time you’re spending on a project.


There are two aspects to keep in mind when looking for CPUs to buy such as clock speed and #cores. Clock Speed

The speed of your clock (measured by GHZ) is what affects Illustrator more than any other program. Illustrator manipulates a huge amount of data whenever you begin to play around with your design . Given it to carry out several calculations. These calculations will be performed quicker with a processor that is faster.


In simple terms, the term “cores” means the amount of processors in the CPU. Think of it as having multiple calculators to solve an issue.

In contrast to Photoshop as well as inDesign, Adobe Illustrator performance is terrible, it’s sluggish and even when performing basic of tasks. Why?

The reason for this is that it only run only one core. This is absurd since today, nearly every processor comes with at minimum two cores. This software has remained the same for a long time and is still the case.

Do you believe me? When you open Illustrator using the task manager and begin drawing vectors, it will show only one thread that is open (4-6 for laptops) running at 100 percent, with the remainder at 100%.

If you are multitasking with basic applications such as a browser, iphone, office, etc. Any dual core processor is fine as long as it’s the latest version (from the 6th generation onwards).

If, in the unlikely event the event that you edit with another software, and you multitask, then you will purchase a quadcore processor


It is best to in a hurry to use the recommended 3GB by Adobe. Windows 10 itself takes +2GB. Other apps within the Adobe Suite will need at minimum 8GB of RAM.

Even if there’s no intention to use them when you’re working with larger files and put on more effects, you’ll need an increasing amount of RAM. There are a few occasions where you’ll run out of RAM , even when you have 8GB but they are extremely uncommon.

16GB will allow you to can withstand anything that you can put into it, but this might be too much for your primary device of choice.

No one is worried with the size of the storage. Illustrator and its size of files aren’t taking up much space. The most important thing is the speed at which it stores data.


There may be instances when a program requests for far too much RAM(that it isn’t possible to install on the computer).

In this scenario, your program (any software) will use the storage device you have installed to run (this is known as using scratch disks). Utilizing a scratch disk for processing data is many times faster than working with RAM.

Do not forget what is a turtle Illustrator already is, so it’s going to be faster than any other program that uses scratch disks.

The problem gets worse in the event that your workflow depends heavily on your storage devices (Ex using the embedded Bitmap) and all you’ve got is a slow old-fashioned storage device like a hard drive. It will take far too long to access and process data.


Solid State Drive

The Solid State Drive can help in this scenario It’s 17 times quicker as an HDD. They’re expensive and have limited capacity, but don’t worry, you can always buy the external HDD in case you’re not able to afford a premium storage SSD.

This isn’t all they accomplish, they’ll also boot your system within a few seconds and launch your application in flash. Saving/Opening as well as anything that involves writing and reading data will be many times faster as well.


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