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Best Websites to watch Online Chanie’s Dramas

In 2022, websites will allow you to watch Chinese tv shows for free. Some of these are not allowed to be included by the law, and others put you at risk, such as the C-drama buddy.While some free websites are overloaded with advertisements and popups, others attempt to persuade you to install dubious browser extensions. It’s possible that some of them may lead you to dangerous websites without your knowledge. And it might put you in danger, my buddy who enjoys C-drama.

This is why we have done extensive research and compiled a list of the top places where someone can legally watch Chinese drama legally.

Here are the best websites and methods for watching Chanie’s dramas

gimy is one of the best places to stream free Chinese dramas on the internet. It is like Netflix, with 500 million users monthly.


Gimy provides a variety of content, with a search box that is easy to navigate.

With a variety of streaming options available, you’ll also find lots of free content to enjoy in the DramaFever Select membership. With its free apps and superior video quality, you may have a terrific viewing experience with a variety of devices (Android and iOS).

DramaQu: Drama addicted?

中國人線上看  Dramasq features the widest collection of Chinese and Korean drama programs on the internet. It offers fast streaming wi-fi, high-quality video, and a clean user interface that’s very easy to use.

Fantastic website recommendations from Chanie

Chinese subtitles are usually translated by fans and released around the world. For beginners, it’s not always possible to watch a new episode in China before it’s in English.

Big Boss 16 Live offers an option to see all the site’s material where you can sign up for their VIP program. This is not necessarily a good deal, depending on what your interest is. These options are available on other websites as well.

8maple: What can it do for you?

楓林網 On its website, Hanlin.tv offers all of China’s most popular TV shows and dramas for free with English subtitles. Complementing a platform already trusted by Tencent as a reliable source, Hanlin.tv’s content promises to provide quality at a market worth every penny.


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