Business Swag Ideas That Are Practical and Custom

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Great-looking promotional merchandise with your logo or slogan on it can catapult your brand into the big leagues. With all of the competition out there these days, you need some exceptional swag to boost your products or services over the top and make your company memorable. Good swag never goes out of style, and marketing experts are sharing their favorite business swag ideas that are all about practicality and custom design.

Custom Hoodies

This is an awesome example of swag that people really enjoy receiving. Custom hoodies are comfy, versatile and casual garments that can go just about anywhere. You can wear one both outdoors and indoors, and when you include custom embroidery options, it will get a favorable impression no matter where people spot it. Hoodies are classic and timeless clothing items that folks of all ages look good in, and featuring them in your company colors is an added plus.

Custom Sleeves For Laptops

Here’s another practical idea that will get a lot of use, promote your brand and look handsome on your p.c. at the same time. Imagine fully custom laptop cases that define your brand and deliver that extra personal touch. Just about any design or company logo is possible, and then, add a gorgeous leather or neoprene style, and that’s a high-quality bit of swag! These sleeves are protective and stylish for the laptop and come in the color of your choice. It’s a recognizable swag item and in high demand.

Custom Drinkware

Every individual likes sipping their favorite beverages, and custom drinkware is another practical idea for some swag stuff they would enjoy using on a daily basis. Water bottles, mugs and tumblers are just a few that come to mind. Choose your favorite colors for the brand, and then, choose an engraving option that will place your business logo right into the metal of the tumbler, for example. Or how about a custom coffee mug in a stoneware finish? These amazing, little details allow your swag to stand out high above the rest.

Customizable Socks

Yes, it’s all about the socks, sometimes, and this is yet another fab swag idea. The thing is, you can create a lot of interest in a completely custom pair of socks. Your company’s logo or artwork gracing these socks would look incredible and make a fine, personalized gift for your clients and/or employees. Socks are one of those must-have wardrobe staples or accessories, and when you’ve got an interesting pair on, people notice them and will notice your brand, too.

Branded Face Masks

You need to wear one when you head to a medical appointment or when visiting or working in any health care setting. Why not choose to equip folks with the best face masks around, so they can represent your brand while taking the proper precautions? Branded face masks are an excellent and practical idea, and you can have your business logo screen printed on the front.

The History Of Swag

You can thank David Ogilvy for coining the word “swag” in 1946 to describe any type of gift given to a group such as clients or employees. He was a brilliant advertising executive who revolutionized the way American businesses use the soft-sell approach through print, radio and television. Company swag has become essential to today’s strategies of promotion, sales and brand identity. People are looking for unique and practical swag items that deliver that personal touch. The right products will be working behind the scenes and serving as a constant reminder of your business.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Swag that is conscious of the planet makes a nice gift that people will be proud to use. Consider an eco-friendly, drawstring tote bag made with real cork and recycled cotton, for instance. You can have your logo placed right on the front of the bag for folks to see wherever you go.

Conclusion for Business Swag

It really comes down to connecting with your customers and employees and building that brand loyalty and recognition. Swag is the best way to achieve that mission and give people gifts they really want to keep. Customizing these items takes it to the next impressive level.

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