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How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

In the wake of a major update, All accounts (regardless of followers number) are now able to add hyperlinks on Instagram Stories!

In the past, this feature was restricted to accounts that buymalaysianfollowers had more than 10K followers.

Find out how you can include links in Instagram Stories by using the brand new link sticker that is below.

How to Post Links to Instagram Stories With the New Link Sticker (Without 10K Followers!)If you’re a Creator or Business account on Instagram you are now able to publish links to any destination directly out of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories – regardless of the number of users you follow. You can include hyperlinks to your stories using Instagram’s clickable link stickers.It is more prominent and is able to be placed anywhere in the story. It also displays to viewers the first portion of the link destination (i.e. the domain) and provides more clarity.Here’s how to put an image of a link to stories:#1: Go into The Instagram Stories sticker tray and select the link stickers.Be aware that you may not already have link stickers now, don’t worry about it. Instagram has only recently made this announcement, and it could take a few days before you find them.

#2: Copy and paste your link in the hyperlink field.

#3: Change the color and text by tapping the sticker.

It’s easy!

PS Did you know that you can also include hyperlinks on the Instagram feed posts using Later?

Linkin. bio by Later lets you create a landing page using many buttons as well as an entirely clickable version of your Instagram feed. you can directly insert your Instagram bio.

It’s a kind of mini-website with a different purpose, which is the account you have on Instagram. Instagram account. First, you need to provide value to people, you cannot directly post your product first share some movitvation thoughts, Good morning images, good night images so that people get engaged and you can increase your followers. 

You can get started with Linkin. bio today for free No trial or credit card required!

How to Increase Traffic through Instagram Stories with Link Stickers

If you want to get people to click on your story it is essential to include an explicit call-to-action.

It could be a spoken call-out, an on-screen Click Here text or an animated GIF, or, or any of these.

It can take time for viewers to adjust to the brand new link stickers, so urging your fans to follow your links help increase views (and sales! ).

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