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Can HBOT Be Harmful? Find The Answer Here!

Today, we have some therapy options, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of them. This therapy will make the user breathe in oxygen in a pressured environment. In order to experience the benefits, users are required to relax and rest inside a special place called oxygen hyperbaric chamber, and as the name implies, this chamber will then be filled with oxygen at a certain level of purity. Sometimes, it’s 95%, and may increase above it.

The therapy is commonly used as a prevention to serious diseases, such as cancer, and treating skin problems like wounds that couldn’t be treated as naturally. Some examples are the skin wounds from diabetes, which require proper care. By smoothing the blood circulation through the oxygen exposure, the user will have a more stable metabolism and quicker recovery rate.

When blood has enough oxygen, you’ll feel your body more refreshed as if you’re waking up from your sleep. Remember, clogged blood is a dangerous thing. It may trigger other severe and fatal health problems like heart attack and stroke. To prevent this from happening, you can make your blood flow better by doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Before going into the recommendations, we’d like to properly introduce you to the therapy itself.

Why People Do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

At this point, you’re probably starting to ask about the benefits that can be obtained from such a therapy. Well, as we explained above, the therapy may result in a much better blood flow,which is the key for disease recovery.

If the user has more stabilized blood flow, chances are they may recover from their wounds faster. Additionally, they may have a better body metabolism and stronger immune system as long as they maintain their body condition not only with just the therapy but also eating healthily and exercising regularly.

The therapy can also be useful not only as a preventive method, but also curative for multiple health problems. People who have skin wounds like acne, may use this therapy as a way to beautify themselves in a much natural way. This option is healthier than using cosmetics with questionable materials.

So, Can HBOT Be Harmful?

The therapy itself is actually a safe procedure, the chances of getting complications or terrible side effects are pretty slim. However, there are some risks that you need to be aware of.

Some users claimed to have their ears ringing after the procedure, which is the common symptoms of an oxygen pressure. This side effect will disappear minutes after the therapy is done. The oxygen pressure might make your eyes nearsighted, although momentarily. Similar to the ringing of the ears, this problem will disappear in an instant minutes after the procedure is done.

Best to Prepare

During the procedure, it’s advised for users to wear a hospital gown to achieve optimal results. If you wear items like wearables, or the other things that are battery and electric-powered, better wear them off before the procedure.

Also, please note that you need to remove all kinds of things that are considered potential fire hazards. The therapy will be going on for almost two hours at maximum. So, better use your spare time to do the therapy. Don’t worry about anything, be calm, and feel it.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers by OxyHelp

Now, if you’re looking for a company that may help in providing an oxygen hyperbaric chamber to be used at home, the best option should be OxyHelp.

The company will definitely send their chambers in best quality and functionalities. They offer not one chamber, but two kinds of it. These are called Monoplace chambers and Multiplace chambers.

If you wish to get something more affordable, Monoplace is your best option. It fits nicely in any parts of the house, and may only be used for one person at a time. So, if you’re living with the other family members, it’s best to take turns to feel the benefit of this therapy.

During the procedure, your body will be exposed to a pressurized oxygen with 95% of purity. The reason why OxyHelp won’t go 100% is because the level isn’t the optimal point. At this rate, the side effects could be way overwhelming than the benefits. So, they have to maintain it at 95% so the users may grasp all the possible benefits without carrying the burden from side effects.


The other type of chamber is Multiplace, You can read more about this multiplace on oxyhelp.com website. This is the one to get if you want to have a good oxygen pressurized therapy with the whole family. Compared to a monoplace, this one is much bigger. The remaining empty space can be used to store even a stationary bike, in case you want to do the other activity inside the chamber. However, to maximize the result, we recommend you to stay calm inside, and rest your body instead of being too active.

All the chambers are made of high quality aluminum to make them stronger and more resistant against elements. The professional staff will help each customer to assemble their own chamber. It’s good and easy with OxyHelp.

The Potential Benefits

One thing that you’ll get from the therapy is smoother blood flow, which is beneficial to fix and prevent health problems. The smoother blood flow will make your skin tighter. The oxygen we breathe is also useful as a food for the skin to regenerate more collagen. More collagen means healthier skin.

By doing the regular therapy, you don’t have to apply or consume additional collagen anymore. Since your skin is able to do that, you may have healthier skin and be far away from the concerning problems.

And how about sports? Since the body metabolism will get better, athletes will feel refreshed and ready. The common injuries in sports can also be treated through this therapy. In short, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may provide very good benefits in terms of physical, but also mentally. Everyone who finishes the therapy will have their mind to be more focused, refreshed, and calmed at the same time.


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