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Can We Use Vape Without E-liquid?

The answer is No! You cannot vape without an e-liquid. If someone has ever told you that you can vape without an e-liquid, they must be jesting because no one can vape without e-liquid in their devices. Whether you use a disposable vape device or a rechargeable vape, an e-liquid is a must.

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Importance of E-liquid in Vape Devices:

E-liquids are the actual vape components that make or break your vaping. In a vape device, a battery powers the coil heats the e-liquid and converts it into vapour. The vapours of the vape devices are not as harmful as cigarette smoke and are less likely to cause any harm to others.

Moreover, vapours are less toxic and do not give people a stinky odour. Therefore, individuals prefer vape devices over conventional cigarettes.

If there is no e-liquid in a vape device, there will be no vapours, and you will get a zero taste. Apart from that, e-liquid contains nicotine, which is obviously optional, but it’s a crucial e-liquid ingredient, especially for smokers who turn to vapes to kick their smoking habits. A disposable vape in the UK comes with prefilled e-liquid, which you can discard once the e-liquid in them vanishes away.

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Ingredients of E-liquid:

E-liquids consist of the following four ingredients:

  1. Propylene Glycol
  2. Vegetable Glycerine
  3. Flavours
  4. Nicotine

➔    Propeyen Glycol:

Propylene glycol is a thin, colourless, tasteless liquid that is highly used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. It is found in most beauty creams and cleansers. Moreover, it is used to enhance the moisture in food products and is also found in asthma inhalers.

PG carries the flavour more effectively in vape juices. In addition, it provides a strong throat hit that many smokers may like since it imitates the sensation of cigarette smoking, thus helping them overcome their smoking. Since PG has low viscosity, hence it creates a discreet amount of vapours. Many disposable vape devices like elux legend contain a high PG ratio in their e-liquids.

➔    Vegetable Glycerine:

Vegetable glycerine is mildly sweeter than PG and is slightly denser. Like PG, VG is also used in food industries and everyday possessions such as toothpaste and shampoo. It is a clear liquid mostly derived from coconut oil, soya bean and vegetable oil.

In a vape device, VG is used to create big clouds of vapours. It gives a medium to low throat hit and is found in many high-power vape devices. Many disposable vape devices carry an equal amount of PG and VG. Such as 50/50 PG/VG, This concentration is the best as it gives you optimum flavour and significant cloud-production.

➔    Flavours:

Flavours add a delicious and enriching taste to the e-liquids. It’s a combination of natural and artificial flavourings. Nowadays, manufacturers are using many food-grade flavouring concentrations so vapers can have a more enticing taste.

➔    Nicotine:

Nicotine in vape juices is lab-processed and is not natural. Moreover, it does not make you high or reduce your productivity. Instead, it helps you to abandon your smoking more efficiently. It comes in various strengths i.e. 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 20mg. The strength of nicotine is confined to 20mg(2%), and vape manufacturers in England are not allowed to maximise the nicotine content from 20mg.

There are two types of nicotine:

  1. Freebase nicotine
  2. Nic-salt

Freebase nicotine gives a harsh throat hit. Whereas nic-salts provide you with subtle throat hits. Both are trendy among vapours and are found in the e-liquids of many disposable vapes.


No matter which vape device you use, a disposable vape or a rechargeable, never buy it without an e-liquid. E-liquids are generally deemed less detrimental than cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains tobacco, formaldehyde, arsenic, and thousands of other obnoxious chemicals, which badly influence human health and strain the environment.


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