Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pumps: Types And Selection

Concrete pumps are equipment that is used to transport concrete from the point of origin for concrete until the site where it is cast. The fundamental principle as well as the various types and the selection of concrete pumps that are based on the work are briefly discussed in the following article.

The Principles of Concrete Pump

A reed concrete pump of the basic design was originally designed in the form of a two-cylinder hydraulic pump. It operates on the principle of one piston drawing concrete out of the hopper (concrete source) and the second piston pushing it through the outlet pipe for discharge. 

The decision on the cylinder that needs to be opened to the hopper, and which one has to be opened towards the pipe that discharges it is made via the valve. 

In the future, changes in this design were incorporated to allow high-pressure pumping in cases where concrete pumps are required at different lengths and heights. This innovation was in high demand during the rapid construction of high-rise structures.

Concrete Pumps: Different Types

Based on the pressure at which the pump is operated as well as the ease of use and the latest technology, various concrete pumps have been designed.

The primary classifications of concrete pumps are:

  • Line Concrete Pumps
  • Boom Concrete Pumps

1. Boom Concrete Pumps

Boom concrete pumps remain in the same location throughout the entire duration of pouring for a construction project. Therefore, they are permanent concrete pumps. They are larger in size that sit on the floor. They have boom or crane arms attached to them of various lengths.

The concrete pumping process to various heights, like building high-rise buildings, can be done by a boom concrete pump. Boom concrete pumps enable the pipeline to extend across, upwards, and down. Thus, hard areas can be poured with these pumps. The obstacles in the concrete casting path could be easily overcome using these pumps.

2. Line Concrete Pumps

Line concrete pumps can be described as small units, which are typically used to construct small-scale construction projects. The setup is comprised of the line pump that is attached to the rear of the truck or trailer. Therefore, the arrangement can be known as an engine-mounted cement pump on the trailer or truck.

What Is The Best Concrete Pump?

The concrete pump selection is in accordance with the requirements for the project. The best and most appropriate choice in concrete pumps is determined by the following criteria:

  • Producer of the Concrete Pump
  • The goal of the Concrete Pump
  • The difficulty is the complexity of Construction Projects in terms of casting
  • The economic and price aspects

1. The manufacturer of the Concrete Pump: 

Some of the most important aspects to be considered when deciding on a top concrete pump manufacturer include:

Choose the top concrete pump manufacturer within the region. To do this, consult contractors in the area and ask for help from any manufacturer you know.

A wide range of options is available online. Look up the top-rated concrete pumps, as well as their reviews by customers.

The process of pumping concrete is carried out under pressure. A high-quality concrete pump should be able to handle the pressure for a long time. If the pump’s concrete is lower than the average, it can lead to the loss and breakdown of the construction projects.

2. The Goal Of the concrete pump:

The purpose of a concrete pump should be able to meet the reason for which it was purchased. For instance, if a concrete pump purchased was not able to fill in the middle portion of a tunnel that is under construction, then it is considered to not be of any purpose for the construction project. 

Therefore, the construction contractor or the person in charge should determine whether the concrete pump that was purchased is able to handle a wide range of capabilities.

3. Cost and Economic Factors:

The concrete pump you choose to purchase is to be of good quality and perform according to the price at which it was purchased. Don’t buy an unperformed concrete pump for the price of a high amount. 

Make sure you choose the concrete pump you want to purchase based on the quality and performance as well as price. Examine the performance and cost.

Concrete Pump Selection Based On The Work:

If the reed concrete pump for sale will be picked according to work two major aspects are taken into consideration:

  • Volumetric Concrete Output
  • The Pressure at which the Pump is Pumped

The maximum amount of concrete volumetric output needed per hour to construct a concrete structure is determined for the job. The pump’s pressure is set.

The concrete pump described above could be based on various works of construction.

  • A truck or boom-mounted concrete pump is the best choice to construct huge highway and road projects.
  • Pouring concrete at different levels, or where there is only a small area to pour the concrete and overhead concrete pump would be the most suitable option.
  • Boom concrete pumps have the capacity to set up two or three robotic pumps that work as a robot arm with multiple functions in which the labor number is lower.
  • Line concrete pumps or stationary pump is used to construct walkways and slabs. When a minimal amount of concrete pumping is needed then a stationary pump is chosen.


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