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Custom Poly Mailers Guide: Why Use Them, When to Use Them

Custom Poly mailers. Bubble mailers. Poly bags. Plastic bags. Mailing bags. Poly bubble mailers. Regardless of the name, they have gained a lot of popularity among the ecommerce shipping community. From shipping costs to whether shipments arrive safely at customers’ doorsteps, the packaging or mailing envelope for shipments is crucial.

Your customer acquisition costs can be negatively impacted by shipping costs since your investment will not be repaid. When a customer receives a product from you and they discover that it is damaged during the unboxing experience, they may never place another order from you. It is common to think of online shopping as involving cardboard boxes, but many orders do not arrive in boxes.

The reason custom poly mailers are so popular is that they offer protection with built-in cushioning at a lower price than corrugated cardboard packaging. In this guide, we’ll go over how custom poly mailers work, when to use custom poly mailers instead of boxes, and how to get custom poly mailers.

Custom Poly Mailers vs. Boxes: Why should you use custom poly mailers?

Boxes are staples of shipping, but they are not always necessary for certain products. Shoe boxes, for instance, are traditionally made of strong cardboard, so shipping another cardboard box inside one wouldn’t make sense.

Poly mailers are a great option for clothing as it’s less likely to be crushed or broken since it doesn’t require a box. These are a few reasons why you might consider using a custom poly mailer rather than a box.

Smaller and Lighter

Considering that poly mailers are made of plastic, they can be stored more easily from a warehousing perspective. Because they are small, they also take up less space in the carrier’s vehicles, resulting in lower shipping costs. In terms of delivery, poly mailers can sometimes fit inside a mailbox, reducing the likelihood of theft in comparison to a package that lies on the porch.

Custom Branding Options

You can distinguish your shipments from the competition with custom packaging that features your branding. A sleek look can be achieved with poly mailers by including your logo, colors, and imagery.

Opt for a little extra padding

Damages caused by shipping can often be prevented, but they are an unfortunate reality. Bubble lining is sometimes used inside poly bags to increase security. Bubble mailers provide an extra layer of protection for products, though they won’t fully protect fragile items, they are still a good alternative to regular poly mailers if you don’t want to use them on your fragile items.

What is the purpose of Custom poly mailers?

Custom poly mailers are used to ship soft goods, like clothing, as well as other products. As custom poly mailers do not provide the same level of protection as cardboard boxes, they should only be used for non-fragile goods.

How to order custom plastic mailers ?

Custom poly mailers are completely customizable. Each and every mailer you print is completely unique. All you need to do is upload your graphics and choose the quantity that you want. An artistic reproduction, a company logo, a high-resolution photo, and more can be uploaded. Graphics do not need to conform to any particular format.


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