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The importance of wearing sunglasses: 4 good reasons

Sunglasses are an increasingly popular accessory. And on closer inspection! Our clothing receives instant character and personality from sunglasses, which come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials.

But the “style factor” is certainly not the only benefit of wearing a pair of sunglasses. Before anything else, in fact, sunglasses have a very important protective function against UV rays .

A good pair of lenses protect our eyes from a number of dangerous problems and are our best allies against the harmful radiation emanating from the sun’s rays. For young and old, both in winter and in summer.

Read on to find out what features a good pair from wholesale sunglasses should have and why designer sunglasses are more expensive but also more protective.

1. Sunlight can cause serious eye problems

Just as our skin needs to be protected by clothing and sunscreen, our eyes also need good protection precisely because solar radiation can cause fatal consequences for the cornea and retina.

When too much unfiltered sunlight reaches our eyes, especially at an early age, major diseases can arise that can lead to complete blindness or cancer.

2. Sand, wind and reflections on the snow can cause annoying or painful eye irritation

While it is thought that sunglasses simply serve to protect you from the sun, their importance doesn’t stop there. Our adventure companions are in fact also a real shield against bad weather.


Sunglasses protect us not only from the sunlight coming from above, but also from that reflected on the snow , which is equally “rich” in UV radiation.

In fact, snow reflects 80% of UV rays and can cause a pathology called snow blindness (or photokeratitis), in which the reflected light can even burn the cornea (sunburn of the eye). If you practice skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering (at any time of the year), make sure you always have a good pair of sunglasses with you that can also cover the lower part of the eye area, in order to protect you from the light reflected on the snow. 


Sand can also cause severe irritation and eye infections. Never forget to take your sunglasses with you to the beach, either on the deck chair or during a beach volleyball match. Read our in-depth study on the sea, the beach and contact lenses .


Wind can dry out and irritate the eyes. Therefore shielding yourself with a pair of sunglasses in particularly windy situations is certainly wise. If your eyes tend to dry out in windy conditions, you can also use eye drops (so-called “artificial tears”).

3. Our eyes need special care after having undergone surgery

In recent years, the number of those who decide to resort to surgery to solve their visual disturbances and get rid of glasses and contact lenses has grown . Among the best known, we find wholesale sunglasses , a procedure performed using a special laser capable of reshaping the cornea in order to permanently correct visual defects.

In a short time after the operation, the eyes register a stable improvement. The hospital stay therefore lasts only a few days, after which it is possible to return to your normal routine. Patients may experience discomfort such as mild irritation, photosensitivity, halos, reflections, or starbursts in dim conditions during the first few days.

In most cases, these are temporary annoyances that go away within three to six months. During this period the eyes should always be protected from sunlight, dust and atmospheric agents. The best way to do this is with a nice pair of quality sunglasses.

4. Wearing poor quality lenses can do far more damage than wearing none at all

While sunglasses purchased at the supermarket, clothing stores, gas stations or on the beach may seem like a good deal, we recommend that you avoid using substandard lenses.

The reason is simple: dark lenses, of any type, both expensive and inexpensive, dilate the pupils when worn. It is a normal reflection that helps us to see better in low light conditions or, precisely, through a dark lens. However, when the pupil is dilated the sun’s rays can penetrate inside it much more easily and, if the lenses are not equipped with an effective UV filter, this certainly increases the risk of contracting problems such as cataracts and tumors (as illustrated over it).

For this variety of reasons, make sure you always wear good quality sunglasses that clearly state the UVA and UVB filter class on the label.


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