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Dengue Fever: Healthy Diet Tips for Fast Recovery for Dengue Patients

Dengue fever affects many people each year. Every year, people are advised to take dengue preventative measures to prevent the disease from spreading. Stagnant water serves as a breeding habitat for mosquitos that transmit dengue. If you are diagnosed with dengue fever, you must exercise extreme caution to fully recover.

As dengue fever spreads dramatically throughout the country, it is critical to implement preventative measures, including healthy eating habits, to reduce the disease’s risk.

One of the risks of dengue fever is that it can significantly lower the platelet count in the patient’s blood, which can be deadly. For bone marrow function, which creates cells, our bodies require adequate nutrients, calcium, and iron. 

A dengue patient is generally recommended to eat light to help break down food. Your diet might have an impact on how quickly you recover from dengue fever. Here are some food tips and ideas to help you recover quickly from dengue fever. Your diet might have an impact on your recovery from dengue. 

Healthy Diet tips for dengue for fast recovery

Here are few food items that are full of nutrients and will help to raise the platelet count of a dengue patient and help him recover at the earliest. The appropriate cuisine might help you recover quickly from dengue illness. It will also reduce the numerous symptoms of denguesymptoms of dengue and provide you with additional relief in addition to the prescribed medication. Along with adding some meals, you must also avoid some items. Here are the safety tips of the dengue diet for quick recovery.

Juice from papaya leaves

Dengue fever is commonly treated with papaya leaf juice. Dengue fever can be efficiently treated with papaya leaves. It boosts dengue patients’ platelet counts and boosts their immunity. For best effects, extract some papaya leaf juice and mix it with water, then drink it twice or three times a day.

Lemon Iced Tea

A type of cold tea known as iced tea is typically served in a glass with ice. It could be sweetened or not. Sometimes making iced tea involves steeping tea leaves for an unusually long time at a cooler temperature. It aids in the regulation of the virus’s transmission and development. Neem leaves are a powerful natural dengue treatment.

Juices from vegetables

Vegetables are high in important nutrients. Vegetable juice may be made from a variety of vegetables. It will give you with the necessary nutrition while also keeping you healthy. Add some lemon juice to the vegetable juice to boost the vitamin C content while also improving the flavour.

Water from coconuts

To minimize dehydration, it is suggested that dengue patients consume coconut water. It hydrates you and nourishes your body. You may consume up to two glasses of coconut water each day. Coconut water is a nutritious beverage that you may consume on a daily basis.

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Herbal tea

Teas include several health-promoting qualities. For greater health, try ginger tea, cardamom tea, or cinnamon tea. You can speed up your recovery from dengue by sipping herbal tea. Herbal tea’s pleasant flavour will also rejuvenate your thoughts.


Proteins from nuts are required for appropriate platelet count. Protein is abundant in nuts and almonds. Peanuts and pistachios are similarly high in nutrients but can be difficult to digest.


Although it is a lesser-known fruit, Indian gooseberry is a meal that supports blood and immunological health.

It includes vitamins A and C, which promote platelet production. Similarly, its strong antioxidant content reduces the impact of oxidative stress and the chances of developing chronic illnesses connected with a reduction in these blood cell fragments.


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