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How to Create a Better Christmas Experience for Your Kids

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You spend months preparing for the holiday season in hopes of giving your children the best Christmas yet. You want them to know it’s about more than the gifts. Christmas is a time to come together as a family. Building memories to last a lifetime should be more important than buying that big ticket item that is on the shelves. Begin traditions that will give your kids a better experience when Christmas day arrives.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Think back to your own childhood. There are sure to be certain scents and recipes that come to mind. Choose seasonal candles and scatter them around the house to fill your children’s senses. Break out special decorations that are displayed every year. Tune in to Christmas songs on the radio. Fill your home with the Christmas spirit and let it wrap around your family’s hearts.

Open Up an Advent Calendar throughout December

Reusable advent calendars will add to the building anticipation over the holidays. Choose one with small compartments that can hold tiny gifts. Let someone different open the compartments each day to receive a simple gift. It could be a piece of candy, a toy car, or an ornament. Your children will love doing the countdown to Christmas with you.

Choose Meaningful Gifts with Care

When you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a son or daughter, make a point of finding something that has a special meaning every year. A personalized hoodie could become a memento that hangs on the wall in college. A ride in a sports car will be something they never forget. Make it count when you are choosing that one of a kind gift.

Plan a Family Baking Day

Baking special treats is one of the best parts of Christmas. You and your children can whip up recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. If you have more than one child, let each one choose something special they want to make. Fill cookie trays together and bring them to friends, neighbors, and family. Your children will spread joy while they polish their skills in the kitchen.

Take a Holiday Drive Together

Start the tradition of a holiday drive at Christmas time. Head out at night when you want to tour the area to see everyone’s lights and decorations. Choose a favorite destination where you can have a treat once you arrive. Sing carols together or simply enjoy each other’s company as you travel together.

Choosing a Christmas Tree Should be a Team Effort

The Christmas tree is one of the most memorable traditions in any home that celebrates the holiday. Pick a day when you can go together to find the perfect tree. If you can go to a tree farm to cut down your own tree, you’ll make this tradition one your children will never forget.

Don’t Forget Movie Night

Everyone has favorite Christmas movies they have to watch every year. Choose a few that your family loves. Make popcorn and cocoa. Spread blankets and pillows on the floor. Make Christmas a time when everyone feels connected as you share in traditions. This is the night when young ones get to stay up late as a special treat. They’ll never forget their movie marathons.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Your Guests

The holiday season is perfect for catching up with the people you love. Help your children to appreciate spending time with family, neighbors, and good friends. Host a Christmas party a few weeks before Christmas to spread the spirit of joy and giving. Encourage your children to make special handmade gifts that can be given away as favors. Children need to experience the fulfillment that comes with being selfless.

Help Others Who are Less Fortunate

Talk to your children about the importance of helping those in need. Clean out the closet together as you look for gently used toys and clothing. Pick out a new gift together for your local toy drive. Do volunteer work at the local food pantry or soup kitchen. Your children need to be grateful for what they have. Helping others is an important life lesson.


Christmas flies by every year, leaving you planning for 364 days. Put care and thought into building memories your children can carry through the years. Your traditions and love are the greatest gift you can give them.


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