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Do You Need a Federal Crypto Fraud Attorney?

If you or someone you know is facing cryptocurrency fraud charges, you need a qualified attorney to protect your rights and ensure a fair trial. The attorneys at Horwitz & Citro are Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law and are available for a free consultation. The legal community is struggling to put regulations on cryptocurrency as it is designed to operate outside of centralized banks and governmental control. Nevertheless, federal agencies are trying to get a foothold on the cryptocurrency industry. That means that they can charge both individuals and companies with fraudulent activities.

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased, so has the incidence of fraud and manipulation. These crimes can rip off investors and undermine the public’s confidence in cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, the government is providing incentives for whistleblowers who want to report fraudulent activity. Using an experienced law firm to report fraud or other misconduct can help you get the money you deserve. In this case, you may be entitled to significant payouts from the federal government.

Why cryptocurrency is revolutionary

and has transformed the financial industry, it carries with it significant risks. Without the proper oversight, many investors have been scammed out of billions of dollars. Fraud, security breaches, and market volatility have all contributed to these losses. Our firm represents cryptocurrency investors who have been defrauded or are suffering losses in a cryptocurrency investment.

If you’ve been the victim of a cryptocurrency theft, it’s crucial to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Attorney Daniel A. Bakondi is an experienced securities fraud attorney specializing in cryptocurrency investment litigation. His law firm has worked with numerous Bitcoin-related cases, restoring account holders’ funds and resolving disputes.

Cryptocurrency fraud is a serious criminal offense. A federal conviction for attorney to recover stolen bitcoins . If you are convicted, you should seek the assistance of a knowledgeable federal criminal defense attorney. The federal government has unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute these cases. So, it is essential to hire a competent and experienced crypto fraud attorney to protect your rights and protect your future.

Why cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, state and federal prosecutors are becoming more wary of digital currency fraud. The federal government is also working hard to make sure that cryptocurrency users are safe from these criminals. Fortunately, Florida law imposes serious penalties on cryptocurrency fraudsters, and a Miami-based attorney can fight to protect your innocence. If you’ve been the victim of a cryptocurrency scam, it’s vital that you speak to a Miami-based cryptocurrency defense attorney as soon as possible.

A crypto fraud attorney can help you protect your rights and obtain a fair reward if you report the fraud to the proper authorities. Fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs) can be hard to detect. Often, they lack white papers and complicated language and are staffed with fabricated founders and team members. Nonetheless, if you suspect a fraudulent ICO, you can report it to the SEC. If you do, you can even qualify as a whistleblower and receive a reward.


Despite the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, many people are not aware of how vulnerable they are to cryptocurrency fraud. A scam artist can steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors by skipping US securities laws. Initial coin offerings can also be a form of ponzi scheme, requiring new investors to keep buying and paying out artificial returns to old investors. A professional cryptocurrency fraud attorney can help you recover any money you’ve lost by investing in a cryptocurrency.


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