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Facebook News Feed Renamed by Meta

Facebook’s parent company Meta had announced via Twitter on Tuesday that it will rename the platform’s “News Feed” to just “Feed.” First introduced in 2006, this feature is undergoing a rebrand for the first time.

This is the latest update after the company changed its name from “Facebook” to “Meta” last year, but this change isn’t that drastic. Additionally, the Facebook app has a dedicated “News” tab separate from the regular feed, so the move may also be an attempt to avoid confusion between the two feeds.

Meanwhile, the tech giant has made some significant changes to its Instagram feed, allowing users to customize it based on what they prefer. This even included a return to the chronological feed that the company had retired from years ago. These changes come in the wake of Instagram’s recent controversy over allegedly taking a toll on teen mental health.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms in use in the world today, with approximately 2.89 billion monthly active users as of this month. In recent months, Meta has come under intense scrutiny for the platform’s stance on metaverse and more recently the EU for mishandling European users’ data.

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