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Feel Everyone Included in Your Conference

Your conference will be filled with different personalities from different countries all over the world. The plan to carry everyone along should be the primary goal of the event planner, or else such an event will be regarded as a failed event.

As an event planner, it is your obligation to include all guests in your plan, starting from the ticketing platform to the language used at the event and the venue of the event itself.

How To Include Everyone In Your Conference


All events are registered online or offline in any ticket outlet. Most event planners partner with shopping malls, restaurants, and even cinemas to help them sell tickets, but most ticketing is done online, where guests will only need to visit the website and book their space.

As an event planner, you have to think ahead of time and try being in everyone’s shoes even though it is impossible, but you need to imagine giving your best. 

Not everyone understands and speaks English or the language the website will be displaying. To fill everyone in, you need to use a website with different language options where a French man, a Chinese, and an English man can easily get their tickets.

Payment methods should also be swift and universal; use the globally accepted platform so everyone can have stress-free registration. 


When searching for venues, you need to state the conditions for the hall manager; most halls don’t consider people living with disabilities. Most hall entrances are built to appeal to the eyes but not the heart; an entrance with a staircase and no entry point for people using support systems like wheelchairs isn’t a perfect venue.

You need to check indoors as well, the entrance to the restrooms, parking lots, and emergency exits. All these places must be built in such a way that they can allow a disabled pass through without hassle; that way, everyone will be filled in at your conference.


Language is a means of communication. Without it, there will be no communication between anyone. The official language in most countries is English, except in a few countries in Asia where they use their local language as the first choice and English as the second.

Imagine a conference where different people meet and the medium of communication is English. How will a Chinese man or a French man understand what is being discussed at the event? That is where the importance of translation lies. Your job as an event planner is to make all equipment available at the venue so guests will have a wonderful experience.

Interpreting booths will help do justice to the language barrier at events. A Chinese man can easily walk to the interpreting booths and get all that is discussed at the event interpreted for him professionally. 


Food can be used to fill everyone in at your conference as well. The English love pancakes, the Chinese love ramen, and the French love pasta and fries. This shows that to fill everyone in, you need to make different dishes for different countries. Making English food for every guest at the event might lead to rejection from the guests.

Of course, you can prepare a universal dish to cut your expenses, but giving it your all is what is expected of you as an event planner. To cover the budget, you can include all costs in the tickets, but make it as economical as possible; an exorbitant fee will surely be frowned at by the guests. 


Getting everyone along is a tedious task, but it is not impossible. As an event planner, your job begins from the ticketing platforms; universal languages like English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish should be incorporated into the ticketing websites so everyone can easily navigate and get their tickets.

Also, the venue should be accommodating to all guests irrespective of their health status. Venues that do not have entry and exit points for disabled people should be boycotted. Additionally, the medium of communication at the conference should be easily understandable by all sundry, and translation should be made available for guests that do not understand the medium of communication.


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