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Why Is The Kalimba So Popular?

There are so many reasons to love it!

The first reason why to love playing kalimba is: It allows you to perceive and comprehend music in a way that no other instrument can. The kalimba’s distinctive note arrangement necessitates a tactile rather than a conceptual understanding. You figure out what kind of thumb dance you’ll need to complete a song. Playing the kalimba brings your consciousness into your body in a unique way. 

A second reason for loving kalimba: On the kalimba, making very intricate music is relatively simple. The way the notes are placed on most kalimbas makes it easy to play not only melody lines, but also chords, arpeggios, and even counterpoint to accompany the melody.

(The simplicity with which you may produce intricate music has a downside.) The kalimba directs you in a specific direction that allows you to play a variety of tunes with ease but makes more sophisticated playing difficult or impossible. The kalimba, for example, is a diatonic instrument that cannot perform broad chromatic music like that found in jazz and classical music, as well as in certain popular music. However, I believe that this is a great trade-off most of the time.)

The third reason to love playing kalimba: The kalimba’s simplicity invites you to reach a state of mind of simplicity. You won’t be able to connect with the spirit of the kalimba if you approach it from a position of raw power. Make yourself calm, kind, open, and responsive. Allow kindness to enter your mind. And while you play, the kalimba will gradually reveal its secrets to you throughout the days and years.

As a result, playing the kalimba is similar to meditation. The kalimba may also transform us when used as a kind of meditation. It has aided me in reflecting on my actions and who I am. And if those behaviors and “selves” don’t match up with who I want to be, working with kalimba has provided me with the insights and advice I need to become the person I want to be.

The fourth reason: Playing the kalimba is a lot of fun! When you’re on a roll when the proper notes just appear to come out of nowhere… It’s a genuine delight to feel oneself growing better day by day, and even minute by moment.

(Actually, one of the reasons I keep studying different varieties of kalimba is to chase after the excitement of growing better and better, of watching the notes line up at my thumb tips, apparently on their own.) It’s an enjoyable ride.)

The fifth reason playing kalimba is so great: It’s a one-of-a-kind sound that motivates you to create one-of-a-kind music. When I was 14, I recall playing electric guitar through a distortion box for the first time. Oh, my goodness! It was a sense of dominance. I felt as though I was no longer restricted by what I had previously performed on guitar or what I might envisage performing. I had the impression that the guitar (with the distortion) had its mind, and that all I had to do was get out of the way and let it happen. The electric guitar and distortion pedal drew songs from me that I had no idea I possessed!


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