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How does the criminal justice system function?

Since the beginning, human crimes have been one of the biggest threats to the peace of the world. To keep crimes in check criminal laws had been created by humans. Many different procedures are used for conflict resolution in case of general conflicts but if a crime is of big magnitude a proper criminal justice system functions against the culprit. The common methods used for the resolution of small conflicts are meditation, arbitration and bail bond services which are used to facilitate the culprit financially.

What is the criminal justice system?

The criminal justice system is a system created by national and international governments to manage and punish convicted criminals. The criminal justice system is supported by the international criminal law which is the universal law given by an international court of justice according to which every nation has devised its own set of laws Every nation has its own set of rules and regulations and violating these rules can cause serious legal consequences to the culprits.

How does the criminal justice system work?

The criminal justice system works under the supervision of the supreme courts of the countries. And it comprises multiple departments like law enforcement agencies, forensic services, detective agencies and the court system. All of these departments combine to make a proper framework through which justice is provided to the citizens of the state. The criminal justice system is mainly an evidence-based system in which solid evidence is needed to convict someone. The criminal justice system works as an independent and rational system where offenders are punished according to the law to counter the crime and decrease the crime rate in society.

 Stages of the criminal justice system

To provide justice to any individual, a proper system is devised by lawmakers. To charge any individual for any crime firstly a complaint is filed in the police station and then the convicted person is arrested by the police for the investigation. The case of the convicted person is then sent to the court where a preliminary hearing is done in presence of session court judges. If the case is not complex and enough evidence is presented to the court the session court can pass the ruling but in case of insufficient evidence and complexity of case times cases are referred to the grand jury and in case of big criminal offences cases are given to the special criminal courts. Where trial and proper investigation are done with the investigation agencies and with the help of their findings the jury can announce their verdict.


For peace to prevail in the world, a good criminal justice system is needed and also there is a need to implement it successfully as the major problem is that justice is not served to the masses due to which disappointment in the justice system is growing day by day. There is a need to implement already existing laws with their full spirit and also there is a need to discourage the system of social injustice in the criminal justice system to counter crimes universally.

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