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CTC Tea: All About Its Processing, Forms and Benefits

In the era of urbanization and inclusion of gadgets such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, a wide majority of people have become adapted to the sedentary lifestyle. The habits such as prolonged sitting for hours, least physical activity, processed foods etc are the reason for an unhealthy and unfit body.

These lifestyle changes add ease to the time table however they are significantly bad for the overall health status of the users. These changes have led the consumers o realize the importance of adding healthy habits to add their bit to a better and improved lifestyle.

The beginning of your day with Tea!

Tea is not just a drink anymore, but rather has become an essential part of daily routine for daily users.  Tea continues to support our health in many ways along with its refreshing taste. The basics of tea are definitely healthy. The tea leaves are of the plant Camilia Sinensis.

Since all the teas are prepared from the same plant, approximately ninety percent of the teas are, the processing methods are the reason one can distinguish between the various teas. One can choose their tea according to their requirements or preferences.  You can buy healthy tea online and make changes that are beneficial for your health.

CTC tea: Meaning and processing 

Some of the mostly consumed teas are black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, milk tea and many others. Also herbal teas are some of the best changes that one can make in their routine apart from traditional tea types. Natural and organic teas are mostly herbs that comes from the natural ingredients that provide medicinal benefits.

One of the most famous teas that have emerged in the last 15-16 years is CTC tea. This basically is the simplest form of tea leaves and is available as the smallest parts. Hence involves the simplest type of tea. CTC tea stands for cut, tear and curl and comes from processing of black tea. The processing is done by passing the tea leaves from a series of cylindrical rollers. These tea leaves are then crushed torn and curled into small and hard pellets.

CTC tea is among the most favorite and extremely popular healthy beverage.  The CTC tea leaves are extremely thin and have a unique flavor.  CTC has another name as mamri tea.  CTC tea is available mainly in three forms. You can buy CTC tea bags, loose tea leaves and

Origin of CTC tea 

CTC tea leaves come from Assam in India and now is available in different parts of the world. The process of developing CTC tea was spread throughout India & Africa in 1950s. A large amount of black tea leaves are now being used in preparing CTC tea. You can buy healthy tea online and enjoy its flavor along with a good health.  The CTC tea leaves go great for simple cup of relaxing tea because of its flavor and aroma.

Benefits of CTC tea

  • CTC tea is a source of anti-oxidants readily available for consumption by the users. Anti-oxidants are substances that help in fighting against diseases and boosting our immune system.
  • Also CTC tea helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism of the consumers. It could be a great addition to our daily routine provided the tons of health benefits it offers.
  • Managing cardiac health and digestion are some of the most important benefits it offers. Apart from all these, CTC tea has the advantage of providing an instant boost to our energy levels and kick start our day to make through the rest of the daily activities.
  • The least involvement of processing methods makes CTC the simple and goes to choice for the consumers provided it does not include any additives.
  • CTC teas and its leaves are budget friendly as well as they have easy availability for the consumers online as well as offline. These are nothing but simple crushed black tea leaves carrying its authentic aroma and flavor in the most subtle way.

How to buy CTC tea? 

Above all, using CTC tea for your daily consumption is extremely benefitting for your health. You can buy CTC tea online as well in offline stores.  If you want to make this small change and enjoy a healthy day around, get your packet of CTC today.

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