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How to Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Want to know who’s keeping an eye on your Instagram profile or wishes to see your Instagram profile visitors? If yes, then join us and know the answer to the query titled Instagram who viewed my profile.

Know who is viewing your Instagram profile.

These are the possible ways through which you can know who has viewed your Instagram profile.

  • Instagram Business Account

You can check out who’s been viewing your profile with the assistance of an Instagram business account, all you have to do is convert your personal account into a business account which is very simple.

An Instagram business account offers you various features to check out who’s been viewing your Instagram profile such as insights that will enable you to know users’ location, age, gender, and the time they are online.

Although, insights will not display the names of all the individuals separately.

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  • Third-Party Applications

Many third-party apps claim that they enable Instagram users to check Instagram profile visitors, in simple terms by using these apps services, you can check who has been viewing your profile.

Some of the Apps which offers this kind of service are:-

  • SocialView
  • Profile+
  • Follower Analyzer

See, if you have a private Instagram account, then only your followers can view your Instagram profile and stories.

If your Instagram account is public, then anyone can view your Instagram profile and stories, however, you can restrict the viewer or simply block it, if you don’t want to let them see your profile.

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