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How to fix “Your account is temporary locked” on Facebook?

Are you dealing with the issue of Facebook account locked how to unlock do not worry in this blog we are going to discuss this issue so that the readers can fix it. 

We are going to provide you the solutions for problem of how to unlock Facebook account so that you can access your account without any issues and keep on uploading and posts and stories on Facebook from your account. 

Ways to fix issue of locked Facebook account – 

  • Reporting the login 

One of the most basic steps which any user would try is to report the log-in issue which they are facing, below are the steps which need to be follow. 

  • Go to the report a login issue form so that the users can fill that form and proceed ahead. 
  • In the form, the users have to fill in an email address but you need to ensure that the email address you are going to use must be a working email.
  • Now, you need to describe the problem you are facing while logging into your account. 
  • Lastly, tap on the send button to send the form and then wait for reply from Facebook.

How to Unlock Facebook Account – Security Features Make it Possible!

  • Confirming your identity with Facebook 

It could be possible that Facebook account locked due to suspicious activity and to fix this the users need to confirm their identity with Facebook so that Facebook is assured that no other person is using your account. For this the users need to fill in the form of confirming identity with Facebook; after filling in all the details you have to send the form.

How To Unlock My Facebook Account

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