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How to Set NDIS Goals for Your Child

You are the only one who knows your child the best. You know their difficulties and, naturally, understand what they require to grow and thrive. However, our children’s intuition and personal knowledge can make it tough to communicate to assist therapists and the NDIS in understanding their needs. This guide includes several meaningful NDIS goal examples to help you identify the perfect ones for your child.

This post isn’t intended to be a comprehensive goal-setting guide for all types of needs; rather, it focuses on the kinds of challenges we enable children and their families to overcome at Ebenezer Mission, a Korean disability provider, such as difficulty communicating with those around, controlling emotions, and fine and gross motor skills.

Goal #1: I want to gain more confidence in trying new things

During this plan, I would like to be capable of going to new places to play, such as playgrounds, to try new activities, and to visit people’s homes without feeling anxious. To get more interested in activities and enjoy them without feeling distant, irritated, or exhausted.

Why we like this goal: For starters, it’s framed in a positive light. We’re listening to whatever the child wants. It also places it in the perspective of something fundamental to the child: visiting and relishing someone else’s home.

Goal #2: I’d like to expand my circle of friends

I want to make friends and play with them during this plan. Building and sustaining friendships is important to me. To be able to attend playdates with other kids and interact with them. I want to participate in games and activities with my classmates at school. Being more adaptable to rules and recognising that it is acceptable to change game rules occasionally.

To interact with people without becoming enraged, striking, or spitting at them. Participate in group activities and work cooperatively on tasks. To gain a better knowledge of what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate social behaviour.

Why we like this goal: We all agree getting along with others is an essential part of learning as we get older. This goal is written so that the child can see the benefits right away.

Goal #3: I want to be capable of playing safely in my own home and yard

I wish better to grasp safety and road attentiveness during this plan. To comprehend the dangers to myself if I run into the road, my siblings’ safety needs, and the potential repercussions of leaving doors unlocked.

Why we like this goal: We believe it is good to include safety awareness in your goals when it’s appropriate. It’s not a generic goal but rather focuses on what it means in the specifics of a child and the family. Following the plan’s implementation, you will be able to assess whether the activities made allowed the child to play in their yard securely.

Goal #4: I’d like to participate in sports with my peers.

During this plan, I intend to participate in after-school sports. To improve muscular tone, coordination, and motor planning. Reduce anxiousness and maintain calmness while performing these tasks. To be a little more adaptable to rules and stop thinking in black and white terms.

Why we like this goal: Goals that centre on just a few areas that make life challenging for the child are often more effective. However, where there are so many things to improve, one goal like this might show more profound and meaningful progress. It would demonstrate improved motor abilities, social engagement, and anxiety regulation for this child.

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Eben Mission regularly organises events and activities that allow children to have fun, be engaged, and feel a part of the community. At our Korean disability provider organisation, we provide skill development and social activities to help them increase capacity, independence, and confidence.

Contact us today and let us help your child live life on their terms.


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