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Are you a workaholic?

In a culture where most people hate work, dread Mondays, and constantly complain about their work, liking what you do is a gift, truly. However, there is a difference between liking your work and becoming a workaholic. While the former is healthy, the latter is extremely detrimental to your wellbeing.

Dangers of being a workaholic

It is not your fault that you are a workaholic. We are all taught throughout our life that we need to work hard to attain a certain level of success, and we think that we can overcome all obstacles just by working hard.

Being diligent is good, but hard work trumps everything and is an unhealthy mindset. Whereas hard work is imperative, it is not a guarantor of success, or at least what your definition of success is. Because at the end of the day, when you do not get where you wanted to be, even despite putting in an 80-hour week, it will all come crashing down.

Notwithstanding the impact of that on your mental health, which might also require treatment from the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore but this extreme behavior can also lead to burnout as well.

Furthermore, workaholics do not also have a work-life balance. Their social life suffers as a result. They then miss out on important moments in their and their family’s lives as well, as when you make your friends an afterthought, then you also become an afterthought in their life.

Similarly, too much work also has an impact on physical health. Constant work stress, not getting enough physical activity, sedentary life, and not eating well all compound, leading then to impaired health.

Hence, it is pertinent that you realize if you are a workaholic and then work on controlling your addiction to your work.

Signs of a workaholic

Constant rainchecks

Due to their addiction to their work, workaholics can seldom take time off from work. They then keep rain-checking the plans with friends and family. They might even miss important occasions like weddings and birthdays as they cannot possibly compromise their work time.

No vacation time

Workaholics often don’t utilize their vacation time, since being away from work is a prospect that they simply cannot entertain. Even taking sick leave is hard for them, and they do it when only strictly necessary.

Relationship issues

It is hard for workaholics to have successful relationships as they don’t have time to work –no pun intended– on it. Their work takes precedence, always. And it is not just applicable to romantic relationships, but family and friends otherwise are also ignored in favor of work.

Sacrificing sleep

We all need quality shuteye of around 7-9 hours to function properly. However, workaholics often sacrifice their sleep for putting extra hours into work. The lack of sleep also then has an impact on their physical health; insufficient sleep increases the risk of chronic ailments like heart disease, diabetes and even depression.

Stressed when away from work

When workaholics are away from work, they tend to become upset. It may lead to mood problems as well. Alongside becoming unhappy, workaholics tend to get anxious and guilty when they are not working.

Working around the clock

Most people have a clock-out time, but not workaholics. They have no stop time. Even if they leave the office, they continue working from their home because of their compulsive need to work all the time.

They keep responding to their messages and emails even when off work, and on the weekends. They sneak in work between the chores or family time. Their thoughts are also occupied with their work.

Treating workaholism

If these signs ring too familiar, then you need to work on reigning this addiction. It might require the help of a mental health expert, whom you can consult via oladoc.com alongside revamping your thinking patterns. Know this addiction can be controlled!


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