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Methods to login to Instagram account

If you are looking for the ways which you can use to login into their Instagram account then you are at the right place. So in this blog we are going to see the ways which you can use for Ig login. 

Login to Instagram using app 

    1. First of all the users need to download the application of Instagram from the Google play store and install it. 
    2. Once the app has been install you need to launch it which will further direct you to the login page. 
    3. On the login page, you need to fill in the login credentials of your Instagram account which are the username and the password of your account. 
  • Once the details have been entered properly the users need to hit on the login button to go for instagram login and access your Instagram account. 

Login to Instagram using web 

    1. You need to first open the web browser which is there on your device which you are using. 
  • Once the instagram has opened on your device you need to fill int the login details which you have created while instagram login create. 
  • You need to fill in the username and then the password of your account in which you want to login in. Before you move ahead to the next step the users need to check the details that they have entered. 
  • After checking all the details they need to hit on the login button which is on the screen. 
  • As soon as you will hit the login button you will be able to access your account and they will be direct to the home page of the account. 

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