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How to Create a Perfect Mobile App Design that Really Works for Your Startup?

As a startup founder, creating a mobile app for your business is one of the most important decisions you have to make to ensure your startup’s success.

Coming with a knockout mobile app idea and creating a stellar design is no easy feat. What’s the point of focusing on the features and functionality of your app, if it doesn’t have a killer design? Keep in mind, that apps that are poorly designed will not succeed. Apps that are clear, intuitive, and user-friendly convince people to use them again and again.

If you have recently launched a startup business and are thinking of building a mobile app to widen your business reach, here are some killer mobile app design tips that will help you create a functional app for your business.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Being your Research

Once you have finalized your mobile app idea, it’s time to start researching the most successful apps. When you carefully examine the most popular apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Instagram, Gmail, and Snapchat, you will notice they all have a simple design and easy features. Use these top mobile apps as a reference to come up with design elements that you can use for your mobile app.

Don’t design an app that makes it difficult for users to understand what it does and how they can perform the desired goal. The human brain quickly accepts the design and patterns it already knows.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to stick with the common touch gestures, images, and icons that are used in other apps. Don’t try to introduce different touch gestures or image icons that users are unfamiliar with. It will simply make users confused, and encourage them to abandon the app, and never come back.

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2. Follow a Clutter-Free Design Approach

If you really want to make your mobile app a big success, then focus on a super basic app design. Clarity is one of the most important aspects of a killer mobile app design. Don’t try to add complex features and design elements to enhance the user interface.

Keep in mind, that real users will use your app on mobile devices and expect it to quickly solve their problems. Adding too many buttons, images, text, and other complex UI will make the app complicated and cause problems for users to use it efficiently. 

Therefore, professional mobile app developers and designers focused on keeping the app design simple and minimal to keep users focused and create a positive user experience.

It is important to note that mobile screens have less real estate, avoiding complex and unnecessary design elements, and following a minimal design, the approach will make your app design super successful.

3. Readability Matters

Fitting a lot of information on the small screen of a mobile phone is a huge challenge for mobile app development companies or teams. Therefore, it is advised to keep the content short and concise to make it easier for users to easily skim the keywords.

You can use page breaks, images, and sufficient spaces to separate the content. For instance, you can use bold text, capital letters, contrasting colors, and underlined text to separate the content. Don’t let content, and other design elements overlap, you can improve readability by increasing line height and element spacing.

4. Makes Every Action Clear

When people install your app, they definitely want to solve their problems with your app’s unique features. Try to make every action clear so that users know what is going to happen.

For instance, if a page is loading, inform them by showing a moving symbol. If a user performs any action, acknowledge them by showing micro-interactions, otherwise, it will make it difficult for users to figure out whether the request is being processed.

5. Simple Navigation

The goal of navigation is to help users find the content, information, and features they are looking for. Simple navigation can offer an uninterrupted, smooth, and pleasant user experience.

Invest your time and effort in creating a simple and efficient mobile app navigation to make it easier for users to use your app. Try to make your navigation easier by placing all the actionable elements that the thumb can easily reach.

Try to avoid too much scrolling or zooming to see content on the page. You can add different types of menus that users are familiar with to make your app intuitive and user-friendly.

6. Finger-Friendly Design

When it comes to designing the best mobile app, you need to keep tap targets in mind. To avoid accidental taps, it is advised to keep the touch target at least 10-12 mm, so that users can accurately tap with a finger.

7. Color Matters

Every design element your app includes must have a clear goal and colors are no exception. Colors can enhance your app design so try to make the right color choice that helps users understand the content and other features. Don’t use bright or difficult-to-read colors, it will only confuse the users.

It is always a great idea to stick to the brand colors to create a positive association with your brand. Furthermore, using the right color contrast for call-to-action buttons results in a considerable boost in conversions.

8. Test and Update Your Design

To make sure your app runs smoothly and functions well, it is important to test your app regularly. Get feedback from real users and try to make necessary tweaks to improve your design.

Furthermore, your development team should strive hard to improve the performance of the app by adding more advanced features. Constantly testing your app and updating its design for better performance will make the app experience more enjoyable and 

Concluding Note

So, here you go. These are a few easy and effective mobile app design tips for startup founders. However, hiring a team of experienced app developers is the best approach to get your app development project on the right track.

The team of professional developers will help you create the best version of your app while keeping the latest app design and development trends in mind.

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