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What are the phases involved in the app development process in 2022

Digitization in 2022 is all about users relying on mobile apps for day-to-day activities. Mobile apps are generating revenue in billions over app stores and play stores raising curiosity in the minds of entrepreneurs to build an app. But, without good knowledge of a complete app development process, it is not ideal to start building your app. In the below article, we will discuss the complete app development process so that you can be confident about discussing your next app development project and initiate a successful business through your mobile app. Before coming into the app development process, look at the stats below that promises a growth opportunity for your business.

  • In 2021, Mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms had made #133 billion in revenue
  • Subscriptions in the mobile apps touched the astonishing $13 Billion mark suggesting that more users are spending on the mobile apps
  • App revenues are forecast to grow 15 percent each year, but from 2020 to 2021, the percent increase grew rapidly

The numbers involved in the mobile apps predict promising growth if you start your business in 2022 through mobile apps. Since the stats are not enough, let us provide you with complete information on the app development process that every entrepreneur must know.

1 Building the strategy and roadmap

The first step or phase in the mobile app development process initiates with a robust strategy. Without a proper strategy, you will end up investing unnecessarily without fulfilling the needs of your targeted audience. So, it’s vital to define your objectives and prepare a strategy to fulfill those objectives. In this process, you have to identify your targeted audience. For whom are you building the app, and what problems will you solve for them? These are the primary questions you have to answer in this phase.

Further, you have to research the competitors working in the same domain. What strategies are they following, and how are they capturing the market? Once you have noted down the answers to the above questions, you are ready to finalize your strategy with a clear picture of your app objectives, mobile platform, and the features you want to provide in your app after studying the competitors.

2 Aligning your roadmap with your budget

Once you have prepared a road map for your app development process, it is the right time to analyze your budget. No project starts without a predefined budget. In this phase, you must list your requirements in detail and define the cases to plan the blueprints effectively. Define the resources or costs in this phase, also known as the minimum viable prototyping. Further, you have to prepare a list of the app development agencies you want to consult for your mobile app and list down the costs offered by them. Finally, essential details about your domain name, mobile app, and targeting platforms will be enlisted so that you can align your strategy with the budget in an effective manner to define your app development process successfully.

3 Defining the UI/UX design through wireframing

2022 is all about seamless design and effortless user navigation in your app. Prepare the look of your app and how well users will benefit from the features of your app. An excellent user experience needs pre-planning through wireframes which consist of sketching down your app on paper. The focus of the wireframes is on the schemes and styles that you will want in your app. The UI/UX design also defines your styles consisting of elements such as your font and background theme, which must reflect your brand. For example, Meta uses a blue theme in their Facebook app, giving an enriching connection to their app and brand logo. Make sure that your design meets the guidelines from Apple and Android to reduce future inconsistencies in your mobile app.

4 The actual development phase

Once you have understood what steps are involved in the app development process before the actual development planning starts, you can now move your steps towards understanding the app development. You have to start by defining the technical architecture of your app. Mobile apps consist of back-end, APIs, and front-end technologies on a general level. You have several technology stacks available that pack all the integral components of the app development process. The back-end technologies contain database and server-side elements essential in supporting the function present in your mobile app. The backed technologies communicate through the Application programming interfaces or APIs. And the front app defines the front feel of the app that users will see and use while navigating within the app. Ensure that you select agile development technology stacks providing a faster and smooth user experience. It is ideal for taking continuous updates from your selected app development agency to understand what technologies are being implemented in your app.

5 Quality assurance through testing

Quality checking is one of the most critical parts of the app development process. Your app will finally undergo the quality assurance process, where it will be tested to check its stability, security, and bugs. You can plan the test cases you want in your app to suggest important cases to the app development agency you work with. In this phase, the user experience is tested on the elements like consistent fonts, styles, color schemes, navigation, and icons. This kind of testing is important because user experience directly impacts customer satisfaction. Later, all the functionalities in your app will be tested to understand if your app is laggy or contains bugs. Finally, the performance and security of your app will be tested to measure if your app meets the current standards in the industry.

6 App deployment and marketing phase

Once your app passes all the tests in the quality assurance phase, it will be ready to be deployed on the desired mobile app platforms. In this phase, you also have to plan the marketing of your app so that it can reach the majority of the audience. You must prepare the app’s titles, description in the app stores,  its category, the targeted keywords, the main icon, and explaining app store screenshots for a better reach. Alternatively, you can hire digital solution providers in the marketing domain who will optimize your app’s SEO on different channels like social media, website, and app markets.

Ending words

Having an app idea is a tremendous growth opportunity but understanding its development process is as important as the idea. A successful entrepreneur understands the app development process before actually building an app. With this article, you must have gained all the necessary information about the phases involved in an app development process. If you are firm on your idea and are ready to convert your idea into a product, you can approach the best app development agency and discuss your app development project.

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