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Motion Graphic Designer – Everything You Need to Start Now!

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” — Brian Reed. (Source)

Table of content;

  • What is Motion Graphics?
  • What Does A Motion Graphic Designer Do?
  • List of Activities
  • How to Start
  • Tools To Use
  • Similarities Between Graphic Design and Motion Design.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Designers have become a catch-all group for the broad spectrum of motion graphics and animation. While they do work with characters, they are not traditional animators. While they do work with logos and title cards, they are not graphic designers.

If we talk about “Animation” we can say it is the broader umbrella term that motion graphics falls under. Basically, we can say that Motion graphics illustrate complex ideas using visuals. Any technique that you use to make static objects or images move is what we call Animation.

Motion graphics are a way to go option to communicate with the viewer and add value to the story. Together with music and effective copy, they can give us a message.

But What Does a Motion Graphic Designer Do That The Other Graphic Designers Don’t?

Graphic Designers create focused art to market concepts, emotions, and brands. These include posters, packaging, and all manner of marketing materials.

Whereas, If a video sets graphics in motion to illustrate a point, it would be called Motion Graphics. We can Say When a motion graphic designer plays well with Sound, Motion, and Graphic Design together exceptionally well it creates Magic that feeds the cause!

“Design is a difficult concept to master.”

There are still a few things that just aren’t easily accessible to motion design without a solid set of graphic design skills: title sequences, fluid transitions, or style frames made swiftly.

 Here Is A List Of Activities A Motion Graphic Designer Can Do;

Cooperate Branding: A Motion Graphic Designer can meld a high-end art, cherry-picked from the history of graphic design, and make a strong emphasis on typography.

Animated Title Sequence: He can use thought-out visuals mixed with restrained typography and prove that a “Story is always the fundamental part of an attractive design process.”

Creating Brand Awareness: It can be Combined motion graphics with a background track and a voiceover to share a powerful message.

Explaining A Concept: Motion Graphics is an effective way to show support towards any specific concept because it helps the viewer visualize it in a way a presentation can’t.

Telling A Story: Motion Graphic Designer can help you to highlight the different contextual motion graphics which can be used to create an ad or even make a short film.

Share A Product Video: In Last, he can create fun, entertaining, and engaging product videos that are cheaper to produce than full animation.

Fun Fact: Animation is more expensive than Motion graphics and it’s usually easier to produce.

How To Start? Steps Every Motion Graphics Project Should Follow

  1. Project plan: Set up a place to plan your project.
  2. Brief: Define the concept and goals.
  3. Brainstorming: Generate ideas for your project.
  4. Mood-Board: Organize inspiration & references.
  5. Story Board: Visualize the sequence of your animation.
  6. Style Frames: Share visual concepts with your team.

“Productive Working Model: Both need to work weekly bases for clients.”


You’re more comfortable in 2D, we’d recommend picking up Adobe After Effects.

If you want to jump into 3D, you could grab free programs such as Unreal Engine or Blender, or dive into Cinema 4D.

Whether you’re a graphic designer interested in learning motion or not, the Motion Design industry can use your talents!

Skills You Need to Learn;

  • Principles of Design
  • Learn How to employ Contrast, Hierarchy, and Balance.
  • Get to Know Working knowledge of color theory.
  • You should be comfortable with the software.


Check out these 12 Principles of Animation. Designed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston—from their time at a little company called Disney.

Are There any similarities Between Graphic Design and Motion Design?

Both Have

  • Same software (Illustrator and Photoshop).
  • Whether it’s a logo or character, both can have the same versatility and adaptability.
  • Both are using Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Nothing new to learn, the same Principles Of Design.
  • Both Need Communication skills to deal with clients. Whether you’re a Freelancer or Studio head, career growth will always depend on communication.
  • Pre-Conceptual Visualization: Both Has to have expertise in their domain and can predict new things at an artist level.

To Sum Up

Being a professional motion designer means mixing old-school techniques, cutting-edge software, and your own unique talent to create compelling work. The field is growing incredibly fast and the future of motion graphics has never looked brighter!

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