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Munawar Faruqui, Comedian: Profile, Wiki, Age and Family

Munawar Faruqui is an Indian stand up comedian. He is known for making curses and insulting remarks about Hindu gods to make people laugh. He is said to be a Hindu phobic Muslim bigot pretending to be a comedian. In a recent announcement, he has stated that he is ending his career as a stand-up comedy. He made this decision after a video of him went viral mocking Hindu men, women and children being burned alive on a train in Godhara by Muslims.


Munawar started his career as a graphic designer in 2009. He made punches to make people laugh in the workplace. Over time, he decided to make this his main career. Some of his videos have been viewed millions of times on You Tube.


When you enter the competition, you realize that there are many others in the field who are doing better. Over time, Munawar’s popularity started to wane. His punches were repetitive. At this time, he began to use religion.

Recognizing the magnitude among liberal young Hindus, he began to abuse Hindu gods and goddesses. This ensures that he stays in the news and thus gets free publicity.

Personal profile

Date of birth:

Age: 28 years



Birthplace: Ahmedabad

Believe: Islam

Educational Qualification:

To graduate

Family and relationship:


Brothers or sisters:

Interesting and lesser known facts:

  • Kunal Kamra has also gained popularity for making insulting comments to Hinduism. Munawar also goes on the same track.
  • An FIR has been filed against Munawar Faruqui. However, he along with many other comedians immediately apologized from Shiv Sena for abusing and mocking Hindu gods and Shivaji. Making an apology from a party other than the BJP is not against the freedom of expression for fake people like him.
  • Munawar was recently attacked by Hindu activists in Indore. He again mocked Hindu gods and goddesses. He was also arrested along with four others. He could only get out of jail if the SC released him on bail. In any case, violence against people you disagree with is completely unacceptable. What Hindutva troops did in Indore puts a stain on Hinduism.


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